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  1. aangus

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    Is it possible to park a camper van in a corner of a field?
  2. tommyurray

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    It’s not plumbed in and can move so I’d say yes
  3. Dry Rot

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    There's a woman up the road from me been living in one for years. But planning seems to be applied equally around here, just sometimes more equally to some than to others. I've another neighbour with a 3 acre farm who doesn't produce crops or livestock, but needs a 12m x 24m building to do it with.
  4. aangus

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    Thanks for replies
  5. Planning has as much to do with what gets reported as anything else, especially in small cases like this.
    I am the centre of attention with planning as there are a couple of folk who watch what I do, but a mile or two away and allsorts happen because the watchers either aren't watching or don't care.
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