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  1. I find it sad and frustrating that yet again during my lifetime we are faced with having a no-mark of a Prime Minister that we as a nation didn’t vote for.

    The PM should be bound by law to finish their term unless they are actually suffering from a bout of death. That would then put a stop to the vultures circling every time the PM is on the ropes because they would realise the only way to get the job is to work together rather than use devious methods to divide the party for their own gain.

    Bunch of bloody wasters.
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    Half of those seeking the job were committed remainers , now they are suddenly committed to Brexit. How do they expect me to vote for such duplicity. As far as I know Gove is the only hard committed Brexiteer, at least an honest guy, but will never win a General Election!
  3. The Beeb just put a multi pic up on screen of all the runners. Gove looked like he was pulling a face for children’s entertainment.

    In fact, from now on, I shall call him Mr Tumble.
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  4. Hindsight

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    While I support your sentiment can I just remind you the UK does not have a presidential system of government. We vote for a collegiate system of government, not a presidential system.

    So the Prime Minister is aptly titled as he or she is the 'Prime' minister in a collective cabinet collegiate system. So does not have total control or say over direction as would a President. And we are seeing that actively played out now - in that the 'Prime' minister has to carry and have support of their cabinet to continue in the role of Prime Minister.

    We shall likely watch this again in the coming months as the Tory Party is likely to vote in Boris Johnson as leader and thus become PM. But he too will have to carry his cabinet and Parliament with him. And although he may stuff the cabinet full of Leavers and remove Remainers from cabinet, the natural checks and balances in our political system mean the body of Parliament may still refuse to go with his policies.

    Only if the country as a whole through local political activists replaces sufficient numbers of MPs with committed No deal leavers and a General Election returns them to Parliament may a Leave PM get a No deal through the Parliamentary system.

    Fascinating to watch for the pupil of politics and Parliaments - which have evolved in post medieval non dictatorial countries to achieve consensus and a middle ground.
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    Come come, Pete your trying to scare the kids!
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    You dont understand do you,if say boris gets in and then does nothing,no new deal because yhe eu have said so, so nothing to vote on ,he doesnt ask for an extension ,he just sits on his ass for 5 months ,we leave no ifs no buts
  7. Hindsight

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    No I appreciate that is the go to position. But we shall see if that pans out. I shall make a note of this post in my forward diary for November 1st and we can return to your post #66 and this post to see what actually happened.

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    That's the default, not necessarily what will happen. Who ever gets in may ask for another extension for a GE or referendum and even chance proposed new negotiations.
  9. Hindsight

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    Just to comment - I agree with you observation that No Deal is the default.

    But I will use a cricket analogy. If Boris or whoever is PM decided to block until midnight on October 31st then it would be the equivalent of number 10 & 11 blocking out the last day of a test match. Sounds dead simple to just forward defence shot to every delivery - but rarely does it work out in practice.

    The next Tory PM problem is that there party may well collapse internally if the new PM goes for the No Deal option and waits until October - and thus force a General Election.

    As say, have made a diary note of your post and will return to it on November 1st.

    May have some rain before then - now that would be useful.
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  10. Yes, I understand all that.

    I was more thinking along the lines of how I expect most of the new PM candidates have had their eyes on the prize since about five minutes after Mrs May got in. They smelled weakness even back then and so have been plotting ever since. She’s looked like a rabbit in headlights since day one.

    If there was no chance of them getting PM until a full term had been served then they would have better things to think about and maybe, just maybe, they would have put their time to better use and got a deal sorted as a team instead of plotting privately.

    It’s likely a vain hope, I know!!!
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  11. wanton dwarf

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    Welcome to dictatorship.

    No thank you.

    I want the ability of Parliament to remove a rogue Prime Minister rather than the general public having to resort to civil war.
  12. wanton dwarf

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    There's only one group that can give a good deal .. and that's Europe.

    Personally I never saw anything wrong with taking a free trade deal on day 1 .. but Theresa May rejected it.

    Theresa May was the source of her own problems. IMHO she looked as though she was going to have her way come what May .. she cerntainly did nothing else regardless of what happened.
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  13. Working together (which is what I suggested) isn’t a dictatorship.

    As usual, this thread will all get a bit daft, so I’m out.
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    Theresa May acted like a Dictator pushing through her policy over and over again .. even bypassing Ministers.

    Even until recently I thought poltiical parties worked together.

    But I've watched the political process closely over the last few years.

    Even on small issues votes in Parliament are "whipped" into block votes on issues .. it might even be something small BUT crucial as a political party sees it. Worse a poltical party might be "Whipped" to deliberately stop a policy from being voted through .. purely to get media coverage and claim a government - quite rightly - wasn't working.

    Working together will only happen within a government .. within a coalition .. what you are asking for just won't work and worse cannot work.

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