Can I remove sponges on day 13?


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Just a quick question, can I remove sponges and give them their PMSG on day 13. if anyone knows that answer.


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Usually out on 14 days to take out sponges

Out of season, sponges are normally pulled at 12 days. If the ewes are cycling naturally then pulling at 14 days will mean you don’t get the odd one, that maybe naturally cycling already, cycling out of synch.

In 30 years of sponging ewes, I’ve very rarely left them in for 14 days, apart from where I’ve wanted to have big mobs of ewes cycling in two groups, 4 days apart, in order to spread lambing more.

Incidentally, I’m reliably informed that for ewes that aren’t naturally cycling, you can pull a CIDR after 6 days (then disinfect and reuse if you wish) and the ewes will respond ok. I tried it with a small group of late weaned ewes once and they certainly responded.

Update on the Sustainable Farming Incentive pilot

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Update on the Sustainable Farming Incentive pilot

Written by Lisa Applin

In July, we opened the applications window for farmers to join our Sustainable Farming Incentive pilot.

The Sustainable Farming Incentive is 1 of the 3 new environmental land management schemes. It sits alongside the future Local Nature Recovery and Landscape Recovery schemes.

Through the Sustainable Farming Incentive, farmers will be paid for environmentally sustainable actions – ones that are simple to do and do not require previous agri-environment scheme experience.

We are piloting the scheme to...