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  2. Isn’t that how you got your nick name at least that’s what @boyo said :D
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    @boyo was high yesterday....
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    We had a neighbour growing Hemp and one day a visiting special constable was beside himself with excitement, as he thought he was about to make the drugs bust of the century and be promoted to Chief Inspector.
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  5. he sounded high today
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  8. We've gown a couple of acres of hemp for a customer, harvested with the combine.

    Might be having another go this year, now we've learnt a few things!
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    If you're potentially interested in growing hemp, I am looking for potential growers on behalf of a client.
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    For seed or fibre?
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  11. Seed
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    Outstanding, how did you find the harvesting? Did you use specialist equipment or just your standard header?
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    How did you harvest it? Normal header on the combine or something like this?
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  14. Just cut it with the standard combine.
    I wasn't there, I was away doing other stuff sadly.
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    Currently an on going consultation here on the Isle of Man regarding the matter.
    I have a keen interest in growing it, we have the power to create our own laws on our island.
    British Sugar have a monopoly in the UK, I won't go into the details, google is there.
    I visited a Hemp Farm in the UK recently and was very impressed, but I doubt we could compete with euro hemp. medicinal is our aim.
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    Plenty of cannabis grown around here. Another 30 bags of fly tipped cannabis plants dumped down the end of our track. Reported again to police which give them there due they have come out and have inspected.
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    Found this in one of our fields last week

    CF62FDE7-0937-4193-AC21-A0FC43AD3029.jpeg 8ADBDB48-E6CC-412A-86B2-C295280893B9.jpeg
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    You know that greenhouse you were trying to sell space in? I’ve thought of a diversification for you. High gross margin...
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