case 1455xl

Discussion in 'Machinery' started by rob2308, May 7, 2019.

  1. Gerbert

    Gerbert Member

    Dutch biblebelt
    As is a 1455xl. Both kind of overrated it seems to me.
  2. Dave6170

    Dave6170 Member

    Watten, caithness
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  3. essexpete

    essexpete Member

    So what is the transmission layout on a 514c? Not like for like presumably as the 1455 arrived years before the Fendt?
  4. Gerbert

    Gerbert Member

    Dutch biblebelt
    6 gears, 4 powershift steps and creeper gears on the lowest 4 or 5 gears. Combined with a fluid clutch. Very very smooth transmission but a stupidly heavy clutch and no clutchless reverser.
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  5. pgilliat

    pgilliat Member

    The clutch shouldn't be stupidly heavy on the fendt, certainly isn't on mine.
  6. Zetor

    Zetor Member

    Clutch in the 500 & 800 favorit is light as a feather like any modern tractor.
  7. Gerbert

    Gerbert Member

    Dutch biblebelt
    Well must've been my bad luck then, I've driven a few 500's and all a heavy clutch.
    The 800's I can't quite remember, 10 years ago since I drove one.
  8. vario

    vario Member

    I always wanted to buy one of those old fendt but when i drove a 818 fluid clutch between how noisy it was in the cab and how heavy the clutch pedal was i never want to drive one of them ever again
  9. Gerbert

    Gerbert Member

    Dutch biblebelt
    I might be quite biased because I've driven mostly JD's, but the only big plus of the Fendt 500/800 turboshift compared to, say JD 6010 series of that time to me was the brilliant ride. Just about incompareable. JD's never seem to get settled on the road, maybe at a certain speed and a decent weight on both front and back but the Fendt's just glide along at any speed without the need for proper balasting.
    What I remember from the 800's was that at a certain rpm the whining noise (I think from the turbo) is quite annoying. However the cab itself wasn't all that noisy. Not quite the 72 db JD sported at the time but not that bad.
  10. vario

    vario Member

    Driving a fendt 720 is like floating on magic carpet
    you could not fault it
  11. Robt

    Robt Member

    Father ran a few 1056's and the magical 1455.... Cant belive a 40k 105hp tractor would happily pull a Richard Western 14t trailer all day long! love that long gear throw they had ....
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  12. Zetor

    Zetor Member

    I had to have a check this afternoon and I’ve pushed the clutch to the floor with my thumb on my 822, the only time it’s heavy is when the engine isn’t running. Cab noise is quiet for its age but not as quiet as modern tractors.
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  13. Boohoo

    Boohoo Member

    They had a different kind of power, they had guts and would keep pulling. There can't have been much power lost through that completely manual gearbox either.
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  14. vario

    vario Member

    i am no expert on them but the fendt 818 an early one 1995 reg that was for sale that i drove the sole in my boots nearly
    collapsed pressing the clutch pedal /there most be some thing wrong with it and the tractor was running
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  15. E_B

    E_B Member

    We have the second from last 1455 made. It has about 9500 hours on it. Tyres about 85%. Runs well except for a leaky pto that spins slowly all the time, at the moment. Front linkage with flexicoil round headlights. Side decals are peeling off. No dents except for steps on one side.

    Wonder what it's worth?
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  16. oakleaf

    oakleaf Member

    Mine is 1 to 5 x4 splits = 20
    1 to 6 x4 splits =24
    Total of 44 speeds foward and 40 reverse as the top 4 are blocked.
    I would rate my clutch as a little heavy but not bad at all.
    The 1989 311 gets the title stupidly heavy clutch though. Now that is something else. You nearly need a passenger to help with it :ROFLMAO:. I have pretty much mastered the art of clutchless changes with it now most of the time. Still a marvellous tractor to drive and l won't sell it ever....... probably.
  17. SuperTwo

    SuperTwo Member

    Leinster, Ireland
    Let me know if you do, I've a notion of buying one. (y)
  18. hydraulic

    hydraulic New Member

    Are you the man that had a 818 for sale years back down in waterford
  19. oakleaf

    oakleaf Member

    No, l never had a 818 at any time.

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