Case 4230 drop arm lift rods


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Hi All,

just to let you know that i got the pins out, using heat and some brute force. I have fitted the new beefier lift arms and am awaiting two bottom link pins to finish the job. The bottom of the arms has a slot rather than a hole. (See picture) can anyone explain the reason for this?
Thanks for your help!
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Assuming that is to allow for float, replacing the crappy little pins that went through the original lift arms above the clevis. I wonder if there is something missing that could lock out the slot?


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That would make sense but I cannot find such a beast on the Internet. I don't want any float when I have the hedge cutter or post banger on. Could make such a bracket up and weld it to the pin.


You need a rectangular “washer” either side. Flat plate that fits inside the lugs for float but when rotated 90 degrees it sits under the lugs to stop the float. Appropriate size steel, grinder & drill & you can make them in no time.
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Some pictures here


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Dear 335D
Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to find these catalogue details. They are brilliant and I will be on the 'case' in the morning!


Oh & i should probably say you shouldn’t use standard lynch pins as they have a habit of coming out. I learnt the hard way & how i know about those plates 😂 There’s various designs that are suitable. But looks like from an earlier photo you’ve got at least one on top of the pto guard

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