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i currently keep a paper book to record cattle movements, do I need to do this or could I just download the history of my holding off the bcms website if I need to? Say for an inspection?
It does not have to be hand written in the register, but you must keep your own register. One of the points of a cattle inspection is to verify the info on BCMS.
Spot on Crex, you can keep a hand written register, have it generated by computer software or keep it on a spreadsheet.

Keeping it on computer (software or spreadsheet) is a good idea as you can keep backup copies of the files in case anything happens to the original, not quite so easy to do with a hand written register (Unless you have an unhealthy fasination with photocopying).

Since this is related to an inspection one benefit of good quality computer software is that it will also allow you to cross check some of your records against those held by BCMS. We have had customers comment on how re-assuring it is to be able to check that the cattle you have recorded on farm match what BCMS think you have on farm. Helps avoid nasty surprises during the inspection!


Co Antrim
I asked this last week as I had an inspection coming up and my records weren't fully up to date :whistle: Was told it had to be hand wrote into herd register :poop:
That's coming to an end soon here, as long as your on APHIS a herd register will no longer be required. Might be different on the mainland though.

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