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Discussion in 'Manflu Corner' started by Landrover, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Landrover

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    Anyone on hear use CBD oil for it pain relief properties ? PM if you like ! Thinking of it for my dad for his arthritis
  2. Landrover

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    Anyone ?
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    I have tried to take it to relieve endometriosis and fibromyalgia pain. I tried a brand called Love CBD which had good recommendations. They're online.

    The oil has to dissolve under the tongue, but crickey dick it tastes like the old fags in an ash tray and silage effluent.

    It was expensive, and I know I should perciveer but I struggle. I wonder if I should mix it with peppermint oil or something similar. Maybe artificial cake flavouring?

    The company also does a CBD cream/balm. I wish I had bought that instead. Maybe that would work for your father's arthritis? I get sore hands and I bought compression gloves from ebay which help. They also act as a thin layer to keep hands cosy and this in itself helps pain.

    I found it an overwhelming experience to research and purchase the oil. I don't know if I made the right choice.

    I have heard you can buy water soluble drops to mix into juice, and CBD sweeties.
  4. Kiwi Pete

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    Owaka, New Zealand
    I have been taking it since before our rules changed to exempt it (ie back when it was illegal for medical use here) as I broke my neck 20 years ago and need help to manage pain on a day-to-day basis - headaches and other aches seemed to ease considerably when I started it.

    It definitely works for me, and I suspect it would be as effective for arthritis?
  5. All over the counter here, lots of states have voted in the use of the stuff for recreational use, Britain will before too long I bet..?
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    Glamorgan Wales
    Very laid back out of it with it are they?
  7. Loner

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    South Manchester
    I use it and I have a few medical problems that it helps and one is arthritis,the one I use is in an easy daily dose obtainable from Holland & Barrett, it is in capsule form and comes in different strengths , as people have said ,it is a bit expensive, but what price would you pay for a loved one?. It is well worth the money.
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  8. D14

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    Yes I use it and so do a lot of my family and close friends. We have tried various makes but you need to go with quality with this stuff as to many companies have jumped on the bandwagon in the last 2 years. The best one by far is CBD Brothers. They have an office in the UK as well as Guernsey and they have their own production facility which you can tour around to see for yourself. They are very open with what they are doing because its legal and not spurious. However because of this it is the most expensive product out there. Personally I use their 'black edition' which lasts me about 6-8 weeks taking a couple of drops each time. It helps me with neck and shoulder pain from an accident and also hip bone complaint (not arthritis).
  9. PSQ

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    Scottish Borders
    Which company were British Sugar growing hemp / CBD for at Wissington on Countryfile last night?

    I didn't catch their name, but the guest mentioned "two British companies working closely together".
  10. Why in the heck the NHS do not just approve the stuff and get big pharma to formulate it in tablet form or something I will never know, the active ingredient does show great benefits for many chronic conditions that other drugs don't do anything for. Provided a doctor is prescribing it and managing it what is the issue? I don't view it any differently from morphine.
  11. D14

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    As a long term user I am not sure a doctor is needed to be honest. As long as the THC content of the oil is below the 0.2% threshold then its nothing more than a food supplement really. I can't see why a doctor is needed because you have to build the dose up to where it will benefit you. Everybody is different.

    If we are going to go down he route Canada has taken and legalise THC then yes that would need monitoring somehow. Quite how is another matter because illegal canabis plant is widely available in most towns. Turning that into oil is a press so really anybody could do it quite easily.
  12. No no, I was talking of doctors prescribing much stronger pills of the stuff, it has shown great promise for pain management and in other long term conditions.
  13. D14

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    Yes thats what I am talking about as well. CBD oil isn't really that strong as the most potent you can get is 6% depending on bottle size and thats with under 0.2% THC content.

    THC is the main health benefit. However this is the stuff that makes you halucinate as its whats found in weed. THC is illegal in this country at anything over 0.2%. BUT and its a big but, its widely available in every town pretty much. Therefore doctors prescribing it is pretty much pointless. This is why Cannabis is a problem to the pharmaceutical companies because they can't take over the worlds supply of it as its already widely established. So if it can't come through the correct channels then doctors cannot prescribe it. The reason its not legalised here is because nobody can make any money out of it other than the small individual dealers who are already operating.
  14. Cannabis is not a problem to big pharma. They will be able to produce and pharm the stuff far better and more cheaply than any backyard drug dealer and formulate it in a much safer tablet form. You seem to be confusing medicinal grade drugs with amateur drug production: they are not the same.

    Lots of prescription drugs have hallucinations listed as a potential side effect. Lots are also based upon natural plant extracts or other natural sources only formulated and produced in a more refined form. Doctors will never be able to prescribe cannabis as some kind of burn it and smoke it remedy. That is nonsensical and will never happen nor is there any need for it. Smoking substances is bad for you. There is no need to smoke cannabis, they can refine the active ingredient and get it into your body far more effectively and without expecting your lungs to cope with particulates lining your mucus membranes.

    Big pharma have always been able to manufacture and formulate drugs cheaper than any drug dealer, and produce a far purer, safer and quality controlled product. Most of the illegal drugs for sale in the West today are full adulterated crap that should never be allowed near a human body. If the UK government would allow it, I would be in favour of the NHS giving serious drug addicts their fix on prescription; they would not need to enter prostitution, deal drugs or commit other crimes to fund their habits and so their net cost to society would actually drop in a huge way, most of these active ingredients, literally grow on trees and require virtually zero R and D compared to the latest cancer or stem cell treatments. I would be willing to bet a single dose of pharmaceutical grade heroin, from known and licensed suppliers, is actually cheaper than methadone or what any drug dealer could afford to flog it for.
  15. D14

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    I think your getting confused. THC which is the main medicinal part of the plant is illegal in this country. You can produce a single cannabis plant for around £20 depending on variety/strain. Of that 15% of the plant will end up as pure oil with around 15-20% THC content. So using very basic maths you can get strong THC oil for £20.

    Strong CBD oil is around £200.

    THC is what you need but you won’t get the big pharmaceutical companies selling THC at £20 I can assure you.
  16. What the active ingredient is or whether it is illegal or not is all largely irrelevant. Big pharma can produce it far cheaper than any other nefarious source and it will be a known, unadulterated source and more importantly, licensed source. They can do this because trained chemists will work out ways of manufacturing the active ingredient in a very efficient, mass production process in a controlled process. If they can make medical grade morphine available for less than £5 for 300ml, a bit of something derived from cannabis oil should be no sweat.

    GPs aren't going to be allowed to prescribe anything that is not approved by the trust in question, certainly not for a drug with such spectacular side effects and with the potential for it to be abused, there is a huge legal framework in place to provide drugs to patients in a safe and controlled way. It is not there simply to be driven over head-long because patients think they know better.

    Legalising cannabis and making it legal to prescribe the active ingredient in drug for are two entirely different things. It is already illegal to abuse many prescription medications, and for good reason. I am in favour of making the active ingredient in cannabis available for medicinal purposes, recognising that it does indeed show promise in a lot of situations where alternatives may be more problematic or less effective. I am not in favour of just giving society a carte blanche to do whatever they like. Cannabis is a huge problem for society as it is, due to the health effects it has. These effect are probably justifiable for patients presenting with cases of chronic pain or in end of life situations, but I would question how wise it would be to allow unrestricted cannabis use to society in view of the huge costs that would result from battling the inevitable decline of the mental health of people using it long term.

    Arguments like: 'the law can't stop people taking it' or; 'it should be legal because it is not addictive' are utterly nonsensical; if that logic is all that is required to legalise a potent medication then I have a list of my own requirements I want to be able to buy from the pharmacist of my own volition: sleeping pills, barbiturates and also fentanyl would suit me down to the ground can we legalise them as well?

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