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Hi, Has anyone on here used the Screwfix CCTV systems? Im looking to put one overlooking our yard, and was wondering if the Screwfix ones were any good?
Recommendations welcome on any others.


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Don't buy one with a cheap hard drive in it. We fitted one to one of the farmsteads a few years ago after a break-in, its just failed recently, the hard drive had failed so although the cameras were working, nothing was being recorded. A bit of a bummer as we were broken into again just a few weeks ago. Luckily not much of value taken. Research done in getting the replacement suggests that there are grades of hard drive, optimised for different uses, I think the one we were recommended for security systems was Western Digital Purple, as they are designed to operate non-stop 24/7, which is what a CCTV system will require. I suspect the Screwfix ones will be similar to our one that failed that we bought from Maplin's - designed to a price not to the requirements of the job.
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Sunbeam Alpine


These guys were very helpful when we were looking, and we've installed 2 of their systems - one on the farm and one at some outlying buildings. I was looking for a system and was in the UK (I'm from Belgium) to pick up some spare parts. I happened to notice the CCTV system at the parts supplier as the picture quality was so much better than anything I'd seen, and the CCTV42 guys were on the same site.

I should maybe say that this was about 8 years ago so I'm sure that systems have improved in the meantime, but back then these guys had really good quality camera systems - we could read the text on an electricity board on the farmhouse from about 800 metres. We installed it ourselves but they offer good support if you need it.
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ive got swann, its pretty good but mine is old now the newer ones are much better,

i find around every 3/4 years the systems have leapt forward so much it makes em look crap, mine about read for another upgrade.

i like the app too so i can view them on my phone pretty easily, quite cool watching whats going on at home when your in france!

its pretty cheap but does a decent job,i usually just get em off ebay loads of seller of swann stuff

when i replace will go for the newer style cat 5 cable, mines old bnc, when you have all wires route upgrades are much easier, mine will e harder this time as ive gotta swap.


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Hello, dear! We have a little farm and we have recently installed the all-in-one security system. It is called Ajax, you can check their website if you want. They have a variety of products you can connect to the system, so you can choose. Also, if I'm not mistaken, I called them before I had decided to install it, and they gave me a free consultation and estimated costs. I should say now I can control everything through the app and it is much more comfortable than before. I also use a speaker.


My sons installed a swan four camera one from screwfix couple of months ago to replace an older swan kit, it does the job ok
they have one camera in their workshop where most of the valuable gear is & the other three dotted around the yard in strategic places all cameras have good pictures & we can keep an eye on everything form our iPhone/iPads,the older system wasn’t a lot of good picking up reg. numbers though as they had a battery nicked off one of their tractors & all they could do was watch them at it on the recording afterwards!!! This one is much better.


wasn’t a lot of good picking up reg. numbers though as they had a battery nicked off one of their tractors & all they could do was watch them at it on the recording afterwards!!! This one is much better.
Prob false plates on the " white twin wheel tipper " anyway if you could have read them 🙄.......

AHDB winding down horticulture and potatoes operations as Ministerial decision awaited

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AHDB has announced yesterday it is winding down significant activities on behalf of the horticulture and potatoes sectors.

While still awaiting a decision on the future by Ministers in England, Scotland and Wales, AHDB wants to reassure levy payers their views have been heard following recent ballots in the two sectors.

AHDB is now stopping programmes of work that could be restarted in the future by grower associations, individual growers or the supply chain. This work includes for example, export market access and promotional international trade event work, consumer marketing campaigns and market pricing and insight information. AHDB will continue to deliver limited emergency work on pests and diseases, including the Extension of Authorisation for Minor Use (EAMU)’s and some...