Cefn Gwlad 6th feb

Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by willy, Jan 10, 2017.

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    Sorry I have just been informed that Dai did mention about john Davies. I'm only the worker!!!!
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  2. Ioan annwyl

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    We have Meinir and Daloni.
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  3. GTB

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    Ceredigion, wales
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  4. Dyffryn

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    Cefn gwlad gore erioed! (Best one ever)! Caled the bull Mussolini when it was a Limousine!
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  6. Ioan annwyl

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    Country file Ellie Harrison..
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  7. Juggler

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    North Wales
    I live a couple of miles from Jony moch or 'Jony Parry Pig' . The house is now a ruin and he died a long time ago. I've childhood memories of him, definitely a character of old world charm...:)
    No electricity or running water, I think his pigs were held in higher esteem than the Mrs..
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