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Cereals 2018...

Discussion in 'Cropping' started by Grain Buyer, May 11, 2018.

  1. Grain Buyer

    Grain Buyer Member

    Well that came round quick!! One month until cereals! Who's going, who's not? I know a few exhibitors pulled out last year, any no shows this year? Looking on their website the Drone seems to be getting featured more....anyone going to look at Drones? I guess there are more specialist events.

    Looking forward to stopping off at the TFF tent this year, the food and drink was out of this world! I wouldn't be surprised to see a couple of Michelin stars this year :whistle:
  2. franklin

    franklin New Member

    Cant see Frontier, Gleadell, Glencore, Agrii etc on the exhibitor list. Not even Openfield, who seem quite skilled in pissing money down the toilet. I've been hankering for a ticket, but not so sure now.

    I would strongly recommend a visit to my friend's stand which is Livelab #286 as an excellent place to sort all your sampling and testing needs for slurry / grain / feed / all sorts. Also often have very good sausages. Sometimes they bring some science.
  3. Grain Buyer

    Grain Buyer Member

    haha, big up for Livelab!! Small biz but great service and nice people.
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  4. Brisel

    Brisel Member

    Not going. I'm on holiday that week & my best man is getting married on the Friday in Cornwall. I'm going to Groundswell instead.
  5. D14

    D14 Member

    Used to be 50 of us go on an organised trip. Nobody is interested this year so that’s the end of that.
  6. 4course

    4course Member

    north yorks
    the farcical form filling to get entry last year even with tickets after a very early start and a long drive ,this year even longer, puts me off getting too enthusiastic . Plus if I was that near stansted would take a leaf out of brisels book and catch a plane to go on hols . I really cant see the point in going to look at machinery etc which wouldnt even be able to turn round in my yard even if I put them on my wish list to buy 2nd hand in 10 yrs time . Think we may just go to a local trials day and the odd working demo in our area, I can buy a fair few burgers and beers just with the fuel to get there money
  7. Gone Shooting

    Gone Shooting Member

    Nope - rather spend the money on some scratchcards - hopefully it goes to some good causes and not to the cereals robbing gits.
  8. Flintstone

    Flintstone Member

    I’m washing my hair.
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  9. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    We are not having a stand as such, just a boxing ring where any disagreements on TFF can be setteled ! ;-)
  10. average farmer

    North Notts
    I'm going..... I think, while its not too far away. If I had to travel for more than a hour I'd wouldn't be this year. Not much I want or need but I sometimes learn something there.

    I'm looking for options for my free flow conversion
  11. franklin

    franklin New Member

    Wont take Haymarket long to realise the potential for that idea.
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  12. Brisel

    Brisel Member

    With handbags ... sponsored by Agrii

    Inter forum fights too :woot:
  13. rickane

    rickane Member

    Going mostly for basis points!
  14. Just like the thunderdome from Mad Max, Kiwi Pete will be the one with the chainsaw.
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  15. Banana Bar

    Banana Bar Member

    Bury St Edmunds
    Not going
  16. nick...

    nick... Member

    south norfolk
    Im going.like a day out.firm filling really pisses me of though and far too expensive to get in too.hoping to bag some free tickets in advance though
  17. I went to cereals once, I nearly died from a bacon overdose.
  18. AF Salers

    AF Salers Member

    York, UK
    Not going, going to Groundswell, far more productive use of my time
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  19. RTK Farmer

    RTK Farmer Member

    Cambridgeshire UK
    I think its still worth going for a small business on a small plot as you (used!) to get a big audience. Two businesses I’m involved with are still going as its local to us a staffing cost can be kept down. Will review visitor numbers before looking any further forward.
  20. Warp Land Farmer

    Hazzard County
    What sort of options?

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