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Agricar & Phillips have both lost amazone,new dealer not been confirmed yet but can probably only be a couple of possibilities if they are covering our area and north of Aberdeen under one business.
Maybe get some cheep discs, etc from one of them , as they are a normally a fortune


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Mark Garrick has announced last night he has Amazone. This will give him a lot of extra work.


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Will be hard losing to main franchises in such a short space of time, would think they will be on the look out for something to replace them with


So, what's up with agricar that they loose grimme and amazone at the same time? Or just coincidence.

Amazone one makes sense with New Holland having bought Overum/Kongskilde and with Reekie also doing Amazone in the Perth/Stirling patch.

A few rumours doing the rounds on Grimme front. Would think that one would be the bigger loss. Virtually all potato machinery seems to be Grimme these days.


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Must be stopped with Amazone straight away. Saw an Amazone pick up coming out of Perth today with two spreaders. Thought they would of got a cooling of period?


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Good news they got someone, but will this not conflict with new holland even more?? Can't see new holland letting them sell there balers plough ect?

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