Changing GPS systems. How easy is it to swap fields boundaries etc into a new system?

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  1. Great possibility on a change of brand soon. Currently using a JD 2630 screen and 6000 dome on a 6150r Change to a new brand has a built in one which looks exactly like a top on x30 screen. Have all fields customers operations etc on the JD myoperations so was wondering is it much of a job to get all my info from myoperations onto this new system or should I stick with what I have and have the JD system installed.(All other machines are on greenstar but if this goes well possible change of fleet again!!Any info much appreciated
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    It’s easy enough to export field boundaries as shp files out of MyOperations, I’ve done that plenty of times without a problem. I’m not sure about exporting customer details etc though as I’ve not tried that.
    I would have though a lot will depend on what sort of information can be uploaded to the new system and the format it wants it.

    I’m sure there’s a few that n here with a better idea of what’s possible.
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    Im sure JD will make it as awkward as possible to discourage people from changing brands.

    I'd do the same.
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    I’ve found it’s actually quite easy to export certain data from MyOperations, I regularly export field boundaries, yield maps and seed maps etc into other platforms without to much trouble at all.
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  5. The only customer info that I have on myoperations is names farms fields boundaries. No sensitive info everything else is through gatekeeper!
  6. Yes agree they always seem to make everything difficult compared to some of the indie companies!
  7. That's great news was nt sure but I believe that the signal is not quite so good as in JD? We are only on SF1 with a 6000 done which I believe is SF2 and I hav nt had much problem with it not leaving many gaps with the exception of the odd one which you don t see this time of year? Can t see the point in paying £1800 for an unlock to SF3 and the sub whatever it is? Used all my grace periods on SF3 and to be honest could not see any difference except the drift on SF2? All I do is press the centre button and the jobs a good un!! Can understand the need for RTK for guys with bed work and CTF.
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    Many years ago we went JD to topcon

    Boundaries and a-b lines was possible via gatekeeper iirc not sure about any more than that though
  9. Slightly changing the subject. We bought a new to us Claas lexion 750TT last year had done 2 seasons . We are taking a step into variable rate P and K next year. It says on the options we have as the combine is set up for mapping but no software. Only really want to put field names on the CEBIS can I do this from myoperations or do I have to play silly money to Claas for this? Not that interested in the mapping until 2020 just a pain in the bum writing on what's printed would be a nice option but not essential!
  10. Thanks Clive! I had a feeling about that we don t have any of it through gatekeeper but I believe it is easy to export to gatekeeper but can t find an option? Find Myoperations more complicated than it should be took a while to find my feet on it especially importing and exporting etc.
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    You need the PF module if gatekeeper if I recall correctly as well

    Things may well of changed but it was possible even if not totally straight forward
  12. As an add the new more than possible machine is a Deutz Fahr 6165 RC shift so anyone with experience of changing from JD to this would be much appreciated! Machine order is imminent so need to be hot on this before we make a decision?
  13. PF module educate me?
  14. I m assuming it's the precision farming module which we don t have at the mo? Why do farmplan have to over complicate everything for the money you pay? In my mind I could simplify alot of the programs never has been all that user friendly!?

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