Charity boxing match

Discussion in 'Community Feedback' started by holywell farmer, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. anyone from farming forum facebook group up for let's say all money goes to charity fight because I am, !
  2. No takers yet then
  3. Well I am surprised some off the egoes on the facebook forum haven't got any guts eh, bit tip lads and lasses if going saying. Somthing try back it up eh because it only bit you on the arse in the end
  4. Buy one get one free in the Feathers today?
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  5. No, certain comments from face book page have got me riled,
    They need to understand if start spouting rubbish expect a response !
  6. People see me as soft and simple trust me I'm not I'm Nasty when pushed ,
  7. Why what's happened?
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  8. Well what cowards They can walk the walk on facebook but this forum they like little school children , I don't care gets me in trouble I'm fecking sick facebook postings
    , reval tonight or tomorrow your names will
  9. Well herd reports off facebook about me, and tell anyone know, have the guts to say the utter rubbish that being put about me to my face if they dare, I'm sick of it, I have ignored it fir to long, really,
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    Is this on the facebook page relating to this farming forum? Could you point me in the direction of some of these comments?
  11. I have no direct link sorry

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