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Cheap sim free smartphone

Discussion in 'Computers & IT' started by PREES, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. PREES

    PREES Member

    SW Wales
    I'm looking for 2 - 3 smartphones, sim free, reconditioned would be ok they need to have good wifi connectivity but otherwise standard. Any suggestions where I can get them and what I should expect to pay?
  2. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    E-bay, price will depend on make and model you choose.
    The Good WiFi bit will increase cost considerably, otherwise a few quid each.
  3. I have a Motorola MotoG - think I paid about £125 for it new from Amazon.

    Depends on your definition of 'cheap'! :D
  4. joe soapy

    joe soapy Member

    vodaphone in paddington station had new smartphones for £40
  5. had one from here the other day. was a new one not a refurb tho.
  6. tw15

    tw15 Member

    ruggex had mine for around a year now standing up the abuse I give it well. look them up about £180 new but they do cheaper ones
  7. joe soapy

    joe soapy Member

    alcatel pixie 3, about £20 plus a gifgaff sim for £1. then £10 for unlimited calls and texts and 3gig of data.
    Got one connected to wifi for watching inspirational films:cautious: now that i got fibre.
    have a lidl powerbank to help the battery when running the tramling gps app.
    Might have to splurge on a case for it now
    Last edited: May 16, 2018

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