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Chicken farming

Discussion in 'Rural Diversification' started by Teddy6677, May 15, 2018.

  1. Teddy6677

    Teddy6677 New Member

    Looking at different options of diversifying and considering poultry. I know chicken farms ar popping up like mushrooms but with the change in supermarket regulations about free range chickens, I believe it could be good opportunity.

    What would everyone believe be the best thing to get into, eggs or broilers?? Do you know of any large firms that be looking to help set up and offer some sort of franchise? Any tips or advice would be much appreciated.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. Poultry is all about scale, as the margins per bird are so tiny.

    Were you thinking of an add on to existing enterprises using spare labour, or a whole new enterprise?
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  3. Deutzdx3

    Deutzdx3 Member

    A local company where I am used to have a lot of chickens. They still supply eggs but buy them off a big egg producer locally, take them
    Back to their warehouse and stamp and box under their own brand and supply out. That would save the outlay and housing of chickens. They stopped with the chickens because what the previous chap said. Economy of scale. The company they buy eggs from 3 miles from their warehouse are the 3rd largest egg producer in the uk. Makes sense to buy from them and cut out the hassle of the animals.
  4. They should be stamped before they leave the farm they where laid at :scratchhead:
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  5. Deutzdx3

    Deutzdx3 Member

    Maybe they have an agreement of some sort in place. Not sure. I know they have a lorry go
    In each morning to collect lots of eggs to then package and sell locally on a pretty large scale. They might well be stamped using the original farm id with the other company’s name on the box. I would go and buy some but we just got 6 chickens at the weekend and are overwhelmed with eggs right now. ‍♂️
  6. I would try less than 50 layers and sell from my premises or door to door in my spare time. With no paperwork or labour to worry about, margins would be ok.

    However, I'm up against a village and have spare time. What I don't have is space for more hens.
  7. Chasingmytail

    Chasingmytail Member

    Newport, SE Wales
    to make money from eggs you need numbers. I had a very small commercial organic pasture raised egg business. There is a good margin but I couldnt grow the business without investment then the thought of shifting all these eggs. I would never venture into a unit until I had experience of running a small flock and seeing the down sides. Personally I couldnt stand any industrial style unit. If we were farm gate Id go for a vending machine style. Door to door was too time consuming and miles clocked up.
  8. The Business Barn

  9. Daniel

    Daniel Member

    Publishing margin over purchased feed and no other costs is grossly irresponsible though, don't fall for the marketing guff.
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  10. case 5140

    case 5140 Member

    Derbyshire Dales
    broilers, i used to look after 95k as a part time job!,easy job.Eggs are alot of work,... both big money to set up......

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