Chicken muck

Discussion in 'Haulage and Backloads' started by T Hectares, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. T Hectares

    T Hectares Member

    Evening, I might need to shift 200 tonnes of Chicken ( layer ) muck from Iver, Bucks to Wantage, Oxon in April approx 50 miles

    Any ideas / prices ??

  2. Cjm

    Cjm Member

    I don’t think anyone hauling grain will touch it because of TASCC/farm assurance. If lorry access then try one of the subcontractors that haul sewage sludge (Webb?),or if tractor and trailer then the likes of R C Baker who deal with silage/compost
  3. Gerbert

    Gerbert Member

    Dutch biblebelt
    I've loaded a muck guy with a walking floor once with carrots as a backload, wasn't even cleaned out all that great. No, they weren't destined for animals!
  4. Harvey G

    Harvey G Member

    £7 a ton if we had a tipper down there !! Problem is we come down with vac tankers

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