Chinook Crash Carmarthen

The chinook is one impressive machine. The only downside is when they fly extremely low here they make my house shake. The cows are so used to it they dont bat an eyelid.

When I used to work near Wilton, they used to hide in the chalk pits on the farm and would suddenly come up out of the ground. Made me jump.
I had an Apache sneak up on me here, when I was rolling on my old 434. With the metal cab on and ear defenders,, I couldn't hear a thing, and looked round to see this thing hovering over the meadow with all its angry bits pointing at me. They must have decided ISIS don't use vintage Internationals as they let me escape.


I wonder how old this aircraft is? It could be up to 50 years of age if it was built in the first production year. These things were used by the US in the Vietnam war along little Bell Huey's. That's an amazing production run and Boeing will probably still produce them for a few years yet.


They had a bad reputation for gearbox failures in the early years, some wag called the flying death bananas .
Get them here quite lot certainly make the windows shake when they go over

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New ELM scheme must be flexible and have farming at its heart, says NFU

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Written by John Swire

The new Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS) must be flexible and have farming at its heart, the NFU said today, as the government consultation draws to a close.

The scheme is due to be rolled out in 2024, replacing the existing environmental schemes currently available under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Tom Bradshaw
Tom Bradshaw

NFU Vice President Tom Bradshaw said: “The consultation on the new ELMS has given us a great opportunity to get a range of views from our...