Choosing Sugar Beet variety traits

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Make sure you choose the right varieties for your circumstances by checking varietal traits - find out more about canopy architecture and how it can help you to pick varieties that fit your soil type or management plan. Dr Simon Bowen explains more...


Interesting that he says big upright canopies are better for late lifting. I always try and chose a variety with a big canopy, I thought it was just me being a bit vain because they just look better but perhaps all I've been getting it right all along!!!🤣

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Agrovista partners with Hummingbird over digital agronomy

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Written by Jamie Day

Agronomy services business Agrovista has signed a partnership agreement with Hummingbird Technologies that gives it access to a digital agriculture platform with remote sensing capabilities, as part of its commitment to targeted agronomy. Hummingbird, established as an Imperial College spinout in 2016, has developed a technology platform to capture aerial images of...