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    a different grade of steel will cure it but it will be expensive. solar focus boilers have a very high burn temp of well over 1000 deg, the burner grate of these is a special mix of stainless that lasts about 12 months even at these temperatures, we tried a standard of grade of stainless 10mm thick to make the grates out of but they were burnt out in two months.
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    Biomass with orc would be your best bet.
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    Thetford Norfolk
    Now gone into administration or bankrupcy
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    Maybe from an operational point of view but not from an efficiency one. And this is getting more important as the price of timber goes in one direction.
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    Thats why ORC is important as it accepts multifuel. In my case biomass,woodgas,solar and heat recovery. Also thermal oil is useful for direct heating as well as power generation.
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    Not necessarily. High grade steel was the cause of the problem in the Frohling. See my earlier post. Steel too good, didnt move enough and cracked. Fire brick liner was my suggestion in my report to the user group, that's what Frohling now seem to have done. Spanner did the same a while back.

    Definitely higher burn temps in uk, maybe the force drying, maybe timber type and growing conditions? dunno.

    Yes Entrade gone bust. Ran OK apparently, but had to use pellets.
    Agree with Volter comments, they seem to have stuck with it and got it much better. The early ones were poor, manual lighting involved tipping a bucket of hot charcoal down the feed chute! cracked reformers were an issue, but I am told that they have been round them all and retrofitted major improvements.

    All pretty irrelevant now, this game is pretty well over for any new installations, of any make on a financial return basis.

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