Chris Packham at it again !

Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by jondear, Mar 22, 2019.

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    Shouldn't this be in the WTF section ?
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    Two people who ought to know better, effectively encouraging the decimation of wild bird populations by preventing corvid control. How do you stop Carrion crows and Magpies from taking eggs from every nest on the farm using "alternative non-lethal means, such as scaring"? WTF!
    If Packham and Avery had any comprehension of ecology they would understand that it's far 'kinder' to shoot or trap a dozen corvids on a farm than let them feed every day, every year, on every other species within flying distance.

    But then again, it's not the first time Chris Packham has shown himself to be considerably less competent than he makes out:

    Packham Lapwings.png
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  4. Young crows will be out again soon on branches

    There’s a small wood on 1 of my bits of land i’ll Shoot 200+ young crows when they come out every year
    And every year there still seems to be more and more crows
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    We all knew the hunting with dogs act was the thin end of the wedge. With this kind of crap it becomes more apparent every day.

    I don’t give a flying fudge what they think. It’s a human right to protect your crops and livestock from predation.

    Not all urbanites are as wet as we think on these things. Plenty are of our thinking. Currently I have a 14 year old girl from North London here on work experience with no farming background. She didn’t bat an eyelid yesterday when I dispatched a sick lamb, skinned it and adopted a new lamb on to the ewe. She wants to have a go herself if there’s another one!
  6. Avery did a presentation locally last month. It was the standard clap trap, cherry picked facts and figures blaming farming and shooting for the demise of pretty much everything :rolleyes:

    He appeared to be expecting to preach to the converted and looked flustered when farmers and shooters in the audience asked some pointed questions of his “claims” :)

    Fat, scruffy, sweaty, rambling presentation with no graphics or power point. Oh and he has a book out you know if you bought one he would EVEN sign it for you..... :rolleyes:
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  7. If it's a wood full of nests it sounds like a Rookery.
  8. You should talk about your provision for work experience in more detail on a seperate thread. That is a positive thing to write about.
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    In the 1960's local farmers organised an annual "rook shoot".
    Took place on a Saturday afternoon just before eggs hatched and too late for another brood. Aimed to cover all rookeries in parish.
    Instructed to shoot into nest and then shoot the rooks flying around for next 2 hours so that any remaining eggs were chilled and wouldn't hatch.
    Got rid of the next generation and a lot of the present one.
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    Yep know your corvids!
    Crows have solitary nests.
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    Obviously Mr. Packham has never tried to grow oilseed rape commercially , if we put gas guns out they are vandalised or the batteries are stolen and if we put out hawks or kites on poles they are stolen as well. The wood pigeon must be one of the most prolific breeding birds there are. Go to any town or city park or green space and there are large numbers of fat woodpigeons. Surely 'Potty Packham' and his misguided crew are not claiming that pigeons are an endangered species.
    As for corvids, perhaps Mr. Packham could be shown some pictures of a sheep that has had it's eyes pecked out whilst still alive, that might make him see things differently.
    Both pigeons and corvids have been controlled for many many years but still are on the increase. The man needs to research before he speaks.
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  12. Northeastfarmer

    The guys an utter cock
  13. I agree with the sentiment.

    Suprised at the language, given NEF's Eton education. Just shows what Chris Packham can do to the most urbane of people.
  14. Northeastfarmer

    I’m afraid I left school at 15, schooling wasn’t for me
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    He's on the list. Near the top. :sneaky:
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  16. Is it really legal to shoot lapwings?
  17. No
  18. I didn't believe it was. I can't see they are a good quarry species and they are hardly considered vermin?
  19. It’s just Packham being a cock again.
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    Is it legal to shoot dickheads? (y)

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