Classic Fords expected to fetch over £500,000!

Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by Rob Holmes, Apr 17, 2018.

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  3. Oh dear, oh dear, elderly Fords sort after classics, prices on the rise.
    Jealousy's a terrible thing.....:hilarious:
  4. Some grand looking scraper tractors there :whistle::LOL:
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    Only averages just over £13,000. With two expected to get £65,000 each and quiet a few other rare ones £20,000 the rest will not fetch much to get that figure:geek:.
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  7. timff

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    Love the 81 2wd. Ford's later TW 15 or 20 essentially the same tractor? If so it must have the Cummins engine too? Or was the 8100 Cummins engine a one-off?
  8. db9go

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    which 8100 are you talking off as from ford they came with the 380cu 2715E engine
  9. Johnnyboxer

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    Fantastic, what a lot of great tractors
  10. Nearly

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    North of York
    Just looking down back of sofa.
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  11. timff

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    Re the 8100 engine, I was sure they had a Cummins industrial lorry engine?? Maybe a small run of them did? Anyone know for sure?
  12. R tea

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    As the post above they had the 2715e engine which was a wagon engine, and made them as flat as a witches tit.
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    North of York
    upload_2018-4-19_14-54-30.jpeg is the answer to most Ford engines.
  14. News

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    Some more info here from the Cambridge News:

    Oliver Godfrey, director at Cheffins, said: “Paul Cable was at one time one of the largest agricultural contractors in Hertfordshire, but he decided to retire from the business in 2003 and devote time to his passion for collecting classic tractors, whilst still farming 150 acres in rural Hertfordshire. Following a 50-year career in farming, he has decided to retire and sell his collection at one of the most significant on-site sales for machinery of this type to have hit the market for many years.”

    Leading the way will be the County 1474 Longnose which has a pre-sale estimate in the region of £60,000 - £70,000; swiftly followed by the Doe Triple-D which has some good provenance with well-known previous owners and is expected to sell in the region of £60,000 - £70,000. Also, a Ford FW60 is expected to make between £20,000 - £25,000, whilst a low-houred 1979 County 1174 which operated at Stansted Airport has an estimate of £20,000 - £25,000. Mainly dating back to the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s, all of the tractors on offer have been beautifully restored and preserved. Also on offer on the day will be a 1956 Land Rover Series 1 which has been subject to an extensive restoration over a three-year period.
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  15. Ray

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    Anyone go to the sale and have details?... Heard the 1474 made 90k...:eek:
  16. Mark C

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    Results on the catalogue if you click the link in a previous post
  17. glasshouse

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    fw60 made £29k
    yours was cheap!;)
  18. Bullring

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    £26500 for a Ford 7000, expensive scraper tractor. :wideyed:
  19. Good luck to him. I didn't go to the sale but know Paul quite well. He often worked for us and was the cream of contractors. All his kit was always well looked after.

    I recall him leaving a County 1164 here over a weekend part way through hedge cutting and saying we could move it if it was in the way. It had the turning circle of a small aircraft carrier :confused:

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