'Classic' Tractor Insurance

Looking for some advice regarding Insurance for a 4610.

Been in contact with a few different places and none of them so far have been able to offer insurance.
Basically, I'll be 19, Tractor is registered in my name (V5 in my name).
I live at home address (Approx 7 miles from farm), Tractor is kept at farm. Tractor fitted with Tracker and kept in a open fronted barn.
Tractor to be used for mostly yard work and working on the farms land. Occasionally going on road to go between field to field and running round a few bales etc.

2 Companies said they could not quote as I did not live at the same location as the Tractor is kept. Another company said they couldn't as I didn't own the farm/land myself.
Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
My 996 is insured with the NFU. It's kept at my parent's place around 10 miles from where I live because I don't own any land.

Do you mind me asking how you managed that with them? Phoned them twice now and they are adamant it cannot be done. They just seem to be making it difficult at every angle.
Classic or vintage insurance with nfu is fairly cheap but does not cover for actual commercial work only ploughing matches road runs etc have an accident crossing a road with a bale going to feed the sheep and your not insured so if you are planning doing farm work it’s full insurance I reckon


I'm a small part time contractor. Got my tractor,industrial loader and combine insured with nfu and all kept away from where I live as no ground/yard of my own. Tractor and loader on a good neighbor/friends farm and combine in another friends shed. All explained on the phone at the time and no problem.
I have two classics insured with Rowlett,£60 each insured for everything my own farm work ,contracting, road runs, even social domestic use, added my son 18 to the policy, free of charge and another lad that works for us No charge.
Can't remember all those questions and problems you have come up against


East Sussex
If the NFU don't want your business, don't give it to them. Plenty of others do, as you can now see. Adrian Flux may also do it, or I insure my 'classic' VW Transporter through Peter Taylor & Co. (£123 pa, fully-comp) Both these companies have been good with me for many years.

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