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That’s an interesting stone rake, do the tunes work on a ram and flick he stones up onto the grid?
Ha ha yes that’s how it worked, and a ram to tip the whole thing for unloading. Granda was a great inventor back in the day, that stone fork was originally fitted to a Claas jaguar chassis with a stone box built on the rear, so you could pick stones from the seat. Used to be pulled by an MF 165 . He hated picking stones the old fashioned way of them walking behind the tractor with a 3 ton trailer on. When we got a Ford 6610 it had front linkage so the fork was moved onto the front. The fork was eventually replaced by a Murray which we still have today.
No photos back then unfortunately, however the stone box has survived and is used as the scrap bin at my Dads engineering shop, it was built from the floor of the rotary parlour when they gave up the cows.

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VÃderstad presents the new Marathon 15/25 point for heavy clay duty

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VÃderstad presents the new Marathon 15/25 point for heavy clay duty

Väderstad introduces the new Marathon 15/25 tine harrow point, which provides guaranteed working depth in heavier soils. Together with the wider Marathon 25/35, the tine harrow Marathon family is now complete.

The 15/25 is a further specialization addition to the Marathon 25/35 introduced in 2018.

Dont be fooled by the smaller size, this is an extremely tough point. It has a narrow bottom of just 15 millimeters with a pointy shape, which means that it can maintain the working depth even in tough soil conditions with heavy clay. It has an even higher soil penetration ability than the Marathon 25/35, says...