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I have been researching the claydon. My understanding is theyre more of a September drill than a November one. Go in late and they’ll give you a crop but also compaction.
We bought one on the back of a wet weather demo in late October 2020. It was a case of either ploughing/combi drilling or going straight in with the Claydon. I’m not sure where serious compaction will have come from or how it could be any more than any other drill - perhaps a front mounted hopper would help?

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I was thinking of a couple of options for our situation. We plough and press then power harrow with a front tank on. So we could just get a toolbar, which of the triton and claydon would do better for cover crops and opportunistic dd/ one pass drilling
Would like to open our drilling windows up with a mounted direct tine drill.
Claydon and triton I know are different designs/concepts but they are the two I would choose between.
any thoughts welcome

Having owned a claydon and sabre tine and now a Triton, there really is no comparison between them.

The claydon leaves seed on the surface in clay soils. Yes I know the claydons have marketed their drill on their own clay soil farm. The problem is it’s the best clay soil in the country and not heavy. It does a good job there.

The sabre tine did a better job because the tines were narrow and to be fair it did a good job. Seeding depth wasn’t great.

The triton places the seed which can vary depending on soil type but the closing blades cover it in ALL scenarios. I’ve said this many times but we started playing with direct drilling in the early 90’s with a 750. Then used a cross slot, Moore, vaderstad, Horsch, claydon, weaving and now Triton. Nothing covers the seed like a Triton. You struggle to find seed on the surface if I’m being honest.

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