Claydon V type drill

Discussion in 'Direct Drilling Machinery' started by sprigandfern, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. sprigandfern

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    mid canterbury nz
    Hi people,got the chance to use an old claydon v type 3.8mtr drill with sulky seed metering and intend to establish rape for sheep feed into baled stubble and ex pea vined ground,have used a hybrid claydon before drilling barley which worked well but just thought i'd ask the question if there is anything i should be looking out for with this one apart from the trash issues which shouldnt be a problem,as always thanks for any input,thanks from a very dry NZ
  2. Alistair Nelson

    E Yorks
    Trash, Trash, Trash will have you tearing your hair out unless you skalp the Stubble and bale the straw and it will hate vining pea halm even more. If you run with ever other tine taken out 24' rows you should be ok.
  3. Tractor Boy

    Tractor Boy Member

    It will be fine if the cereal straw is baled and the stubble is dry whilst drilling. As for the pea haulm it depends how good the crop was and wether that is chopped well or baled.
    When I used to run a V drill I managed to drill into potato haulm ok apart from having to remove the covering Harrow tines. It went through the leading tine and A shares no problem but completely blocked at the Harrow tines. As said above, if you remove every other leg and drill the rape wide spacing it will go easily.

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