Clean stubbles?


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Sorry I edited my post pretty quickly as I hadn’t read what was said properly so your reply might not make much sense to others.
On another note I do know for a fact that their is glyphosate replacements in the works.
Who is your source on that info and any idea on time line ?


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Thanks for that.
Got another question which you may be able to help me with please:

We are at the end of our 5 year Mid-tier stewardship agreement, part of which was a few very bad Blackgrass fields that were in GS4, Herb and Legume-rich Pastures. The theory being that they release an enzyme the supposedly kills BG (though purely the fact that they have been it it for 5 years, should help anyway!).
I am moving the GS4 to the next worst BG area and will plant the existing area with Wheat.
We have just taken a 2nd cut off it, but there was bugger all, because it has run out of steam anyway.
I don’t want to plough it because being in grass, the soil is in good nick. So plan to Weaving GD DD drill straight into it.

It will need a good dose of 3 or more litres Roundup Flex to kill the grass, legumes and Chicory in it. We deliberately didn’t cut it short, so as to keep it green enough for the Roundup to work.
WOULD YOU do it before it is drilled (if so, how long do you leave it before drilling?), OR drill it and put all the Roundup in with the pre-em?

I remember seeing something similar on one of they DD threads last year which worked incredibly well. I can’t remember who posted it and whether or not the Roundup’d it pre or post drilling into the sward.

Perhaps @Warnesworth could also give his opinion please?
Or anybody else familiar with DDing?
My tuppence worth, with a disc drill:

Always found that (Happy to wear a tin hat), rolling after Glyphosate, has the effect of adding an extra litre.

So, personally, i would be perfectly comfortable with 1.5lts Roundup Flex, drill, roll (We dont tend to roll after drilling with a ULD disc anymore at all, but for the purpose of this situation....). Then head back out with the pre-em + 1 more litre (Or whatever the legal is for your product)

As a further note, if you are going to add glyphosate with the pre-em, and you are comfortable with your sprayer capacity, leave the pre-em until the crop is literally just about to emerge (Assuming slots are shut)......The addition of glyphosate at Pre-em, means the pre-em clock can start ticking much later than going immediately post drilling....Usually around 8-10 days after drilling.....But if you get it wrong its a nightmare....Have had plenty of squeaky bum moments, but never yet regretted it.

Good luck,

Anybody else finding stubbles are almost perfectly clean this year? A month after harvest almost all stubbles are almost perfectly clean.

Doubt I’ll need to be using much roundup this autumn which is one benefit given the current situation.
Plenty of grass weeds growing here.

T Hectares

Stubbles are clean, but early shallow cultivated fields are growing BG very well…

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