Cleaning a diesel tank

Discussion in 'Machinery' started by Stewartry hill, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. Stewartry hill

    As above for a 2500l.diesel tank replaced by a bunded tank would like to clean it to use for drinking water for livestock any tips now thanks
  2. Lincs Lass

    Lincs Lass Member

    north lincs
    Lots of hot water and fairy liquid
  3. Stock

    Stock Member

    Know a lad [​IMG] that used washing powder and a mortar mixer......................
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  4. tfr plus power washer hot would be better
  5. Lincs Lass

    Lincs Lass Member

    north lincs
    Hot water presure washer if you can get it through the lid
  6. Stewartry hill

    Hot water pressure wash next time one on hire can't think of anything better
  7. is there an echo in here :rolleyes::LOL:
  8. H200GT

    H200GT Member

    I doubt you would ever get it clean enough for drinking water
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  9. ACEngineering

    ACEngineering Member

    Tank i opened up on a manitou last week:wideyed::wtf:

    Cleaned worst out but didnt go mad cause its quite thin! Get a feeling i will be welding a new bottom in it soon:meh:

    Would need some good degreaser to clean a tank for drinking water.

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  10. Stewartry hill

    It is a plastic tank and it is a pity to dispose of it and even worse spend on another one
  11. No matter what you do, it will always smell of diesel.

    You'll get it clean enough to be used for water for animals, indeed you could tip diesel down a sheep or cow with few ill effects, but it'll always smell.
  12. bigg6480

    bigg6480 Member

    I use an old 10000l diesel tank for sprayer water been using it for 6 years and the water still has a diesel smell to it must of had 1500000L of water through is.
  13. Hayboy

    Hayboy Member

    Co Antrim
    I’ve been wondering about this for years as I’ve 3 plastic oil tanks that would be very handy as water tanks. However everything I have read suggests that the plastic tanks are basically impossible to get the taint out of.

    I am tempted to try the washing powder idea tho!

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