Cleaning Esse Oil Cooker/Stove V40 Sovereign Select

Discussion in 'Renewable Energy' started by UKOwl, Oct 23, 2018.

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    Hi folks

    Found this forum whilst trying to get some info about our Esse cooker, and was hoping that some of you may have one or experience of cleaning these. The big advantage with this model is that it can still run if the electric goes off as it is a vapourising type, albeit the pump would stop.

    The manual states that there are three flueways, but I have only ever found two (one behind the splashplate at the top, and the other between the two oven doors). The third one is described as "A removable access door/cover at the top back/rear of the boiler" (unfortunately there is no diagram). I have spoken to someone at Esse but still haven't been able to get to the bottom of this - this is not a current model).
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    the burner will be a don burner (wick burner) ours was coal until I converted it to oil with a 6" vaporizing burner, ours had four ovens with the main flue at the rear r/h side back corner, ours was also gravity hot water so no pump required. I think they might mean the passage of the gasses from the burner to the outlet of the flue. the gasses go up vertical below the hot plate and then horizontal to the right again under the hot plate, they then go up the flue. these will be the passages to clean,
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    Thanks for your input. This Esse does not actually have a wick, unlike the old fashion Aga types. I think that they may mean the passage way at the top back which is accessable when the cooker rod is in the OUT position - I always brush down that.

    Last winter the stove had been sooting up after just a month - it was fine prior to last year. I discovered that the supplier had been adding insufficient additive to our deliveries (done manually at delivery time). We purchased the additive seperately this year which I put in just before the delivery chap came and it does seems to be behaving better so far (the flame is much bluer - less yellow).
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    Blue flame it will stay clean, yellow flame it will fill with soot
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    If its like the woodstove esse the third is behind the oven to which you have to remove the stove pipe and the square which the stove pipe sits on. This then allows you to get 4ft of straight hoover pipe down the back of the oven and right down to the floor.
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    There are 3 if you have back boiler, top flue out, around damper, down between oven and boiler, then between top & bottom oven.
    You must uses a vaporizing oil additive to the kero, then you should get to do a annual clean. Put it on red diesel be monthly,
    When / if the bio % increases may need two additive pots.
    We have a Cleopatra model running in farm house 24/7, sure there a manual here somewhere.

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