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  1. Adams1978

    Adams1978 New Member

    Has anyone had any experience with using coffee grounds? We have a coffee factory near us so we’re thinking of spreading the spent grounds through a waste contractor.

    Having searched the internet there are a few research papers looking at potential benefits and effects.

    Has anyone had any experience with them?
  2. martian

    martian DD Moderator

    N Herts
    Your worms will never sleep again...
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  3. Adams1978

    Adams1978 New Member

    they might work over time.
    Some of the research suggested it can inhibit plant and microbial activity, and others suggested it promoted plant and microbial activity.
    Going to do a few tray tests to see.
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  4. martian

    martian DD Moderator

    N Herts
    Coffee grounds certainly make good compost. David Montgomery and Anne Bikle wrote in their book The Hidden Half of Nature about how they used a lot in Seattle and transformed their garden from no soil to deep and fertile soil in next to no time. Presumably spreading the grounds would feed the soil creatures and start the process. As you say, they should work double time
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  5. Breakthru

    Breakthru Member

    Scottish Borders
    My experience in a garden situation it works. However some strange EU legislation makes it illegal to use coffee grounds for slug control.
    Make sure your application reasons are for anything but slugs.
    Also it could be classed as industrial waste so claim the caffene is a foliar feed. Should move it into a grey area where their rules are lost.
  6. Jason

    Jason Member

    South West
    I've seen it used, nothing spectacular at a field scale but typically a reasonable source of OM and some nutrients.

    Full EA deployment and associated restrictions - all at the contractors expense of course. Should be delivered and spread FOC on this basis, maybe even paid to receive if you had year round artic tipping etc.
  7. Still Farming

    Still Farming Member

    Glamorgan Wales
    2 cups a day we'll have a good heap in 20years?
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  8. Fred

    Fred Member

    Mid Northants
    James Price , uses or did coffee grounds
  9. Warnesworth

    Warnesworth Member

    Chipping Norton
    I believe @Jason and @Fred are referring to the material that comes out of the Kraft factory in Banbury. I have experience of this material and as mentioned its a useful source of OM and a bit of nutrient. It can be composted but why bother. It has a reasonably low C:N ratio so in low applications (20t/ha) it shouldn't cause too much concern (unless in a carbon building zero-till system). It has a bad rep in the past due to people applying it at rates that needed a bulldozer to spread!
  10. edwhite

    edwhite Member

    Having been dumping tea and coffee grounds in my wife’s herb trough all year, I can say it grows the stuff well. No slugs either

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