Cold in summer?!

Discussion in 'Manflu Corner' started by waterbuffalofarmer, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. waterbuffalofarmer

    As the title suggests. What is going on?! After dad came home from hospital, last week, he caught a cold from one of the nurses there, which was a bit off to say the least. We all have gradually caught it from dad. I dosed myself up on vits/herbal tinctures and stuff to build up a bit of an immunity to it, so far it's kept it quite mild. ATM tho finding it difficult to sleep at nights, which is nasty as I have early wake-ups for work :( so I have taken to sleeping in the afternoons, but that just messed with my sleep pattern. Thinking of going back on my herbal teas again. Just to mention throats been killing me all day, so been permanently dosed up on paracetemol! :( Any other tips welcome :)
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  2. Roy_H

    Roy_H Member

    Honey and lemon in hot water ( include a tot of whisky if preferred ) (y)
  3. waterbuffalofarmer

    Didn't know whiskey went with honey and lemon? This is somit I must try...:sneaky:
  4. brigadoon

    brigadoon Member

    Its callled a "toddie" - use hot water
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  5. waterbuffalofarmer

    Thanks. Yeah I usually take honey and lemon anyway, to combat the sore throats. Never tried whiskey tho, so will have to get that in. Would gin work?

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