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Discussion in 'Cropping' started by Jerry, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. Billboy1

    Billboy1 Member

    Imagine those prices without sub !
  2. jon9000

    jon9000 Member

    Barley down to 152 here in yorkshire
  3. JCfarmer

    JCfarmer Member

    Just sold a good chunk of Feed Barley and managed to get £162 March Movement. Had sold some 4 months ago for £175 but the rest has sat there long enough now and prices don't look great going forward?
  4. Chae1

    Chae1 Member

    Why are prices heading downwards so fast? We must have been the only people to have a drought and terrible crops. At harvest all we heard was the drought was Europe wide including Scandinavia which was badly affected too. Australia has the worst drought in years and a frost knackered all the crops at flowering. Plus i bought all my N at hugely unflated prices based on wheat at £200/t

    Anyway rant over!

    Forward sold 6 loads of low N malting barley today on a min £175 contract. If the malting mafia decide spot price is above 175 i will get difference. Sold 4 loads at 196 in October, should have done it all.
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  5. charlie86

    charlie86 New Member

    I’ve been told that there’s loads of imported Maize undercutting Wheat by £5-8/t and the Pig & Poultry guys will use this instead of wheat.
    Barley is used as a fibre source in many rations and the feed compounder can get Palm Kernel instead from dockside at sub £140/t ex the port. Plus the very large acreage of wheat in the ground which looks very good at present. These factors are all driving prices down, along with a stronger pound v Euro, and a potential massive increase in global wheat stocks (assuming no “very major” weather issues somewhere).
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  6. Honest john

    Honest john Member

    Any thoughts on how or if this US China deal will impact.

    It was said by the Chinese delegation at the speech in the White House yesterday that China were to up purchases of Soya Bean to 5 million ton a day.
    Clearly that is wrong as they would clear US production in less than a month. Could have ment Bushels not tons maybe.

    But Trump said they will put a bulletin out.

    China said they will be buying a lot of Wheat, Soya, & Corn.

    Have to muse on what they are eating & feeding on now. Or how it will play out on prices ?
  7. Surgery

    Surgery Member

    Seriously bring in palm kernal which has more than likley been grown on ground that’s been deforested , how enviromenatally friendly.
  8. Farmer-George

    Farmer-George Member

    Unfortunately it’s not at all environmentally friendly!

    However palm kernels are a by product that’s offered very cheaply and competed with home grown cereals.

    Soya is the same! Soya bran oil is a by product that competes with Rape.

    There is global demand for soya meal and palm oil that the by product will always find its level.
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  9. Poorbuthappy

    Poorbuthappy Member

    Any of you guys (or anyone else) come to any conclusion on feed oats prices? Ideally SW? Got to agree a price on some I'm having.
  10. An Gof

    An Gof Member

    Was at a meeting today with a SW trader and he is selling feed oats that won’t make milling grade at £165/t ex store

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  11. Poorbuthappy

    Poorbuthappy Member

    So does that translate to a ex farm price?
  12. An Gof

    An Gof Member

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  13. wellingtonfarmer

    All depends on quality I think. I was buying delivered in feed oats for £150, and they were coming where haulage was around £12
    £135-£140 if they are low bushel
  14. An Gof

    An Gof Member

    Fair comment. But @Poorbuthappy is in Devon and the price I gave was from the trader marketing the oats out of Devon Grain store, amongst others. It is therefore the “local market price”
  15. bert

    bert Member

    Price keeps slipping annoyingly, price was suppost to be over £200 by now 10 load of feed wheat sold today at £170
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  16. J 1177

    J 1177 Member

    Durham, UK
    Sold a load of wheat forward Oct. At £150 yesterday.
  17. haymaker80

    haymaker80 Member

    Merchant quoted me £125 for feed, and £190 for milling.

    And £175 for feed wheat collected in April
  18. Poorbuthappy

    Poorbuthappy Member

  19. fieldfarmer

    fieldfarmer Member

    Looks like he doesn't really want any feed oats!
  20. haymaker80

    haymaker80 Member

    Think he's got plenty of low bushel weight spring oats to find a home for. Luckily our winter oats are just about ok for milling, fingers crossed

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