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Combine harvesters

Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by Traffic dodger, May 16, 2018.

  1. just wondering do they still sell or use smaller combines nowadays or they all the giant ones with a cutting head the size of half a football pitch.
  2. Brisel

    Brisel Member

    Most dealers sell at least 4 small-medium sized ones for every one prairie eating monster
  3. What do they count as small now ?
  4. Brisel

    Brisel Member

    Less than 35 foot header :D
  5. Rowland

    Rowland Member

    Northeast England
    4 at a local sale next month
  6. Plenty of small ones or you wouldn’t get into a lot of fields round here
  7. PSQ

    PSQ Member

    Scottish Borders
    Where about?!
  8. That’s it I guess if I lived near you I would see them if you live where there is not many of something you think they have all disappeared.
  9. Rowland

    Rowland Member

    Northeast England
    Winston- County Durham
  10. What is the smallest now 10 or 12 foot cut ?
  11. coastalarableman

    East Sussex
    Got a 22 yr old MF 34 for sale here, been around the block a few times, 16ft power flow header, absolute gem of a machine just doesn’t cope with 600 acres anymore. Can’t say it’s in good condition but it works well and doesn’t need expensive software to diagnose and fix a problem, just a bit of common sense and a basic tool kit!!
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  12. New Puritan

    New Puritan Member

    East Sussex
    Wherabouts are you, can you pm me details please?
  13. traineefarmer

    traineefarmer Member

    Mid Norfolk
    Plenty of new small machines available from the major manufacturers. But beware, many are now being built in developing countries to older designs.

    IIRC, JD's smaller machines are coming from South America (Brazil?) and are some distant relation of the 10/11 series from the '80s. The quality of build is NOT the same as the German build machines.

    We run a 35 year old 1075 and some parts now arrive in boxes marked Brazil or Mexico and the state of the finish on some is shocking. We returned some beater bars to the dealer last year as the flutes were shallower than the 15 year old ones we had taken out. Some dusty German ones were eventually found and were far better.
  14. tr250

    tr250 Member


    These look really good 4 walker and ability to have vario header
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  15. SRRC

    SRRC Member

    West Somerset
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  16. had e nuff

    had e nuff Member

    Well looked after kit but I've heard there will be decent reserves on it. 18 tractors, 2 foragers and 4 combines plus silage and tatty kit.
  17. Dman2

    Dman2 Member

    Durham, UK
    Les Browns is`nt it?
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  18. Rowland

    Rowland Member

    Northeast England
    That there is .
    I’ve also heard that there is high reserves on things which is fair enough but how will the auction company go on if everything starts getting passed out ?
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  19. fredf

    fredf Member

    SW Co Durham
    That is my thought's but there are a lot of small lots. He stopped growing potato's 3 or 4 years ago but still de-stone, plant and harvest a big acreage for other farmers.

  20. Case man

    Case man Member

    i got one as well

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