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  1. laurus74

    laurus74 New Member

    We are looking at getting a combine, what would people recommend, for 250acres, must be at least 20ft cut budget around £25k
  2. Zippy768

    Zippy768 Member

    Good with spanners?
  3. juke

    juke Member

    Find the cleanest youngest new Holland tx 6x series .. not too many electronics on them to go wrong.
  4. Will watch this with interest. Why 20ft? We managed with smaller, but I admit it's nice to get on with the job.
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  5. kc6475

    kc6475 Member

    Whatever you get take a combine fitter with you to look before you buy, could save you thousands in the long run, for that money it would of had some work, but at the right place and looked after no problem, but the wrong place and not maintained and it's an nightmare waiting to happen, we cut 270 acres with a new Holland cx it's well over capacity and wasn't cheap but it's built to last and will be with us for years.
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  6. If you can get it around width wise a tx 36/66 would get my vote, would be good for twice the acreage :whistle: but is in budget (y)
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  7. Bramble

    Bramble Member

    TX36 or 66, Claas 108 or 118.

    Very few electronics to go wrong, easy to fix, parts easily available
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  8. Rowland

    Rowland Member

    Northeast England
    Have a look at case and John Deere you will get more bang for your buck. If you bale the straw maybe not the case but I’ve bale 1000s of acres behind one . The bales can explode on you and do once the net is off but makes it easier to spread with the loader
    John Deere make a decent machine just not popular in this country for what ever reason.
    I’d guess for similar machines the John Deere will be 5k less case ones a touch more. There’s not a lot that goes wrong on case combines less moving parts and they can half clock on .
  9. silverfox

    silverfox Member

    I have a 20 yr old TX63 in a similar situation .
    17 ft cut is fine on our undulating ground .
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  10. Gapples

    Gapples Member

    A good Claas Mega 204 on 17 foot would be ideal to be honest.
    But as advised, take a mechanic who knows combines & buy on condition rather than manufacturer.
  11. Lincsman

    Lincsman Member

    Do you really have to harvest it all in 3 days??

    Used to do 300 acres with 10' here, cropping was spread but never seemed to have to rush.
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  12. laurus74

    laurus74 New Member

    To answer questions we are on high ground in the north east and have other things going on so don’t want to be combining for weeks. Days can be short to get corn fairly dry. So want to make the most of available slots.
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  13. Lincsman

    Lincsman Member

    Ironically when they first came out the comment was way too many electrics!
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  14. Job to find one as good as yours!
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  15. quattro

    quattro Member

    England or Scotland
  16. silverfox

    silverfox Member

    True. That was a good find . Just doing the concave wires at the moment and changing rasp bars while we have her apart.
  17. Two Tone

    Two Tone Member

    A New Holland TF 44 would be a good choice for you. Simple, fast and reliable.
    Even a TF 42 with a17’ cut would be as fast (tonnes/hour) as any conventional with a 20’ Header.
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  18. homefarm

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  19. nelson

    nelson Member

    theres a very nice nh tx65 on the fwi web site but and its a big but they are asking a hell of alot of money for it

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