Combining flat winter linseed - any tips

Oh and keep an eye on your rotors can wrap at the front of them and start bit of a fire unless you have the flax rotors does nt seem to be as big as a problem?


Trent, Dorset
We tried today and failed. Set field on fire 4 times and linseed wrapped around a rotor gearbox and tore a seal out. Not ripe is our guess and the hot weather is deceiving us that it is fit. Now worried combine is going to catch on fire so sat watching it with hosepipes ready having damn near washed the thing on day one of harvest. Really do not like linseed already. 40 ha left out of 44.


Mixed Farmer
I haven't cut winter linseed, but I cut the spring linseed when the straw is still green, goes much better than over ripe.

I can believe it, the retting has not taken place.

My best "harvest" of a crop of Linseed was a set of heavy discs, as the match was not allowed on the field in question :) The happy days when the growing "sub" was king.
North Notts
dropped the header into ours yesterday and blocked the knife straight away braking the mounting bracket for the wobble box and making a mess of the drive belt. Don't think any made it into the combine as what it did cut wrapped around the auger. new fingers and knife sections on the header but not looking forward to the next attempt
Wait till it is fit

sprayed ours off last Thursday so will not be fit till next week end

this hot weather may have advanced it a day or 2

retting in linseed and flax needs more than hot sunshine
wet and dry combo for 3 weeks or more
sharp knife and sharp finger edges
with winter linseed being the first crop through the header care is needed before the header is shined up
Any tips for picking up flat linseed? Class 770 and vario header. First time cutting linseed and not looking forward to it!

Flat linseed ? 🤷🏻‍♂️. That must of been one hell of a storm to do that to it. We cut spring linseed with a 770 and 35ft vario for 3 seasons. Basically a new knife before you start. Retractable fingers out. Keep checking the rotor gearboxes every 30 mins as it will wrap at that point and smoulder. It’s more about the weather on the day and you’ll find in bright sunshine it’ll be ok but soon as the sun goes in then forget it and walk away.


Patience, patience and even more patience. Sometimes using the older combines where you have to get out of the cab to set the sieves etc has an advantage. Cut it when it's fit to cut, you'll feel when things are right which no end of monitors and gadgets quite do.
Did I also mention that you need patience?

Flat 10

Arable Farmer
Fen Edge
As above and new knife non serrated and I take out the retractable fingers on the auger and tape them up. Don t use the reel really at all and hope for the best!! I definitely do not miss combining linseed!
Is removing the retractable fingers easy? Never done it before but mine wrapped terribly Saturday. I think mine is over ripe stem wise (ie has started to ret) but seeds only just mature. Had glyphosate 3 weeks ago. Did one round of the field and packed up.

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