Combining grain maize


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I’m surprised that you get enough heat units that far north, though you do have more hours of daylight than the South until 22nd September. No maize combining around here and some is grown under plastic to bring it on. Maybe there are better varieties for the Northern climate now.


If anyone in the southeast is interested I am considering growing some next year.
Just need to work out the logistics side.
Should be about 400 tonnes if it goes ahead.
Crimping not dried.


5 miles from Aberdeen. Kws said it wouldn’t grow so this far up. Late sown the 2nd of June doesn’t help.

I admire your pluck sir!

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Here in Kenya i have some i drilled on the 21st of March and it’s still six weeks at least off harvesting. I had thought of putting some in at home in Lincolnshire but i’ve changed my mind.


I use to do 300 acs back in 2006 - 2011 , mixture of dry and crimp . Biggest problem is having customers who commit to crimp but don t back out when something else drops £1 / tonne and they then tell you they don t want it !! Not many people out their who will buy it ( for what its worth) ad hock . Second problem, if crimp , it will deteriorate on face of clamp quickly . It's ok if your taking every few days or week at most but if not , you will be wasting and throwing away as mould comes( that's with an additive) and same in hot spring weather.
If dry , it will cost a lot to dry down and probably best to dry twice to avoid splits and allow heat to even out inside grains . Again limited market but at least if dry ,you can keep it long term .
As for harvest , well we had all weathers in the 6 years and apart from deer damage ( servere on some fields) can t say it was a problem other than mud on roads from trailers . We had a 6 row Claas header on combine, first was 2wd but second was 4wd however as a chopping header you drive on the trash so that keeps wheels largely clean . Just be aware that after cutting, in windy weather you will get leaf trash blowing everywhere and piling up against downwind hedge/ road.
Really enjoyed combining in late October/November and fact it was a bit different but use to worry about the crimp in clamp as it was a lot of pounds sat their with not many options if customers defaulted , ie 400 ton of wheat/ barley you know that there are literally 100 s of options to sell but crimped maize in March, ???!!

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