Community Safety Patrols.

Discussion in 'Crime Line' started by Stew B, May 7, 2019.

  1. Stew B

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    The subject cannot be raised enough.

    The situation will only get worse despite the senior official types dismissing reality.

    We're retired so have no qualms about showing what's wrong with the system.

    One of us completed a contract recently investigating bad cops. At the end of his last day he says there were 180+ 999 calls waiting to be despatched in the Force Control Room.

    One of those could have been you or someone you know so someone wasn't going to get assistance for a long time!

    Another fact is that Police routinely do not process 20-25% of 999 calls so that 180 could have been 225. Multiply that by 46 Forces then by 365 days and we may have 3.7 MILLION requests for help ignored every year!


    The Farmers Union has an element of retired Police Officers engaged to do something about this for Farmers and the rural economy.

    Plans are at an advanced stage in forming a not for profit National Patrol Service with experienced crews able to take actions to prosecute offenders. This means if something kicks off we are contracted to attend so MUST attend and that means if a Police response is available there are TWO responses on the way. Win win!

    Why are we doing this when we could be at home on a settee watching daytime telly?

    We care and that doesn't just switch off the day we retire. We're the ones with experience to prevent disorder and allow you to get on with what you do best.

    So, we're coordinating a not for profit security strategy in a similar fashion to a charity.

    We need your interest.

    Join us.
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    North Yorkshire
    Whats the current situation with this? Has a patrol been launched yet?
  3. Stew B

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    Yes there are volunteer patrols out on an irregular basis reporting on the minor issues which, because they are of reduced interest to the authorities, tend not to be managed. It's these which might form the biggest head ache.

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