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In the back of my mind after feeding straights from time to time plus a view of the ingredients in a lot of this cake plus filler to remember too I would say that these concentrates are an expensive convenience nothing else
It’s possibly quite true that they may not be making a fortune per tonne after all their costs but from the starting point to the cost of their end product there’s a huge difference
For example we were getting a six tonne drop one day and the driver was heading 70 miles the wrong direction to the mill with a three tonne lot
Haulage alone must be a lot


Limestone dust
Wood Meal :ROFLMAO:.............sawdust.....................Edit,just looked up Davidsons Advance Nuts and has "Forage Meal" in it.Wonder what that is? The least worst would be Grass Nuts i would think,but why not just put that on the tin. Wheatfeed is No.4 ingredient,followed by Soya Hulls. Guess you get what you pay for. (I think Limestone is always written down as Calcium carbonate)

Full of bull(s)

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North Yorkshire
Palm Kernal

Although, the above have a purpose and do a job. Just not what you’d want in a top spec cake.
Sunflower is actually a good protein feed in a compound, though not in a blend because it’s unpalatable. PK just a filler in beef rations, wheat feed is ok if not overdone. They like them because they have reasonable energy and above average protein levels for an energy source so don’t pull the overall CP level down which is costly to build back up with rapemeal/soya


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Took the tipping trailer and collected 2t of oats this week @£155/t
Also some Sugar Beet nuts @ £228
West Wales

Works out at £191.50/t for a 50:50 mix.

That's all very well, but you will need to add minerals and protein to make a comparable ration to any of the compounds quoted above. Oats and SBP mixed will be a good energy source, but very low in protein.


Southern England
What are people's opinions on these ewe cakes? I know which one I like the look of. To be fed to ewes scanning 180-200% alongside good (11 ME) silage.

Company ACompany BCompany C
Wheat Distillers16%Wheatfeed13%Rapeseed Meal13%
Sugar Beet13%Rapeseed Meal13%Wheatfeed13%
Rapeseed Meal12%Palm Kernel11%Wheat Gluten10%
Oats (Avena)10%Sunflower11%Palm Kernel10%
Maize8%Malt Culms10%Molasses7%
Pulses (Beans/Peas)6%Molasses8%Wheat6%
Hipro Soya5%Wheat Distillers4%Maize5%
Limestone Granules2%Sugar Beet4%Beans5%
Salt1%Vits, Mins, Premix etc3%Sugar Beet5%
Liquid Fat Spray1%Hipro Soya2%Vitamins3%
Calcined Magnesite1%Fat Blend1%Protected Soya2%
Liquid Fat0%ME (MJ/Kg)12.8Hipro Soya1.5%
Fw-Glw Ewe Supplement0%Crude Protein (%)18.0ME (MJ/Kg)12.7
Vitamin E0%Oil (%)?Crude Protein (%)18.0
ME (MJ/Kg)13.08Fibre (%)9.5Oil (%)4.0
Crude Protein (%)18.20Ash (%)10.5Fibre (%)8.5
Oil (%)4.78Selenium (mg/Kg)0.1Ash (%)?
Fibre (%)7.57Vitamin E (iu/Kg)113Selenium (mg/Kg)0.6
Ash (%)8.59Vitamin E (iu/Kg)160


North Cumbria
That's all very well, but you will need to add minerals and protein to make a comparable ration to any of the compounds quoted above. Oats and SBP mixed will be a good energy source, but very low in protein.
Might work to fatten them if they are on grass. But agreed, low protein and the concern if it’s too low I’d they don’t utilise the energy, they would fatten, but efficiency would be low.



Hopefully you can read the two different specs above, what’s people’s thoughts? is £15 dearer than the other.
I know which I prefer looking at the ingredients, just checking I’m not missing anything. @neilo
To be honest the good ingredients of all three are very low percentages the analysis of these cakes never make good reading for me and the more I look at them they don’t get any better

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