Concrete mesh supports?

Discussion in 'Buildings & Infrastructure' started by Chippy, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Chippy

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    We're concreting a pad for an anaerobic digester and it has to have 2 layers of mesh in it but I'm struggling to find a plastic thing like in the picture that will take 2 things of mesh. There's plenty that take 1. Anyone know of one?
  2. Trictracks

    That's double layered


    Alternatively you get steel strips and make a ring out of them. Ask whoever is supplying your mesh they'll know what you need :)
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  3. Greenasgrass

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    N Ireland
  4. Derky

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    They are called biscuits. Single layer we use concrete ones. Double layers either plastic ones that have a slot in the side then the second on top or we use metal mesh supports,
  5. Chippy

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    Gone for the "Hychair" off Williamsons. Got 2 different heights for the 2 different sheets of mesh. Looks stronger for walking on than plastic.
  6. We have found ones like those in the top picture to be rubbish , they kept collapsing when we walked on them . may as well have used egg boxes !

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