Conscientious approach scores triple award win


Conscientious approach scores triple award win

A conscientious approach to crop and soil health management has resulted in a triple award win for Agrovista host farmer, Mark Doble.

Mark, who farms more than 160ha at Hurcott Farm near Ilminster, was awarded the Gold Best Plot Yield, Gold Best % of Potential Yield - Plots, and Highest Yield in the South West Region in a national competition.

Each year, an award ceremony takes place to recognise the highest achievers in the ADAS Yield Enhancement Network (YEN), with 350 entries submitted in total this year.

As well as being a long-term YEN member, Mark’s farm is also a Regional Trials Site for Agrovista, welcoming growers from across the south west to an annual open day, as well as other meetings.

Head of Crop Performance at ADAS, Professor Roger Sylvester-Bradley, said: “The best YEN yields have been almost double the national average. The challenge now is to pinpoint how such farms sustain these high yields.

“Our data shows that this has little to do with high use of fertilisers and chemicals, and much more to do with inspired soil and crop husbandry, plus attention to detail.”

Currently overseen by Agronomist Tom Pope, BASF-sponsored Hurcott Farm has long been a customer of Agrovista.

Tom’s recommendations included a tailored nutrition programme based on the results of leaf tissue analysis and soil sampling, ensuring the crop received exactly what it needed at the exactly the right time.

Tom said: “As well as conducting a Solvita soil health test, we took leaf tissue samples every fortnight to build a picture of what the crop was needing throughout the growth cycle.

“Because Mark is on-board with the importance of soil health, his conscientious approach to crop management has led to a series of impressive yields, as well as repeatedly winning YEN awards.

“This consistency is what sets him apart and makes the farm such an excellent host for both Agrovista, and BASF trials and open days.”

A grower meeting on March 3 at Frogmary Green Farm in South Petherton will share the results and give insight into how Mark achieved the winning yields. To attend, please contact Tom Pope: [email protected]

YEN 2019
Best Plot Yield, Gold – Mark Doble – 15.9t/ha
Best % of Potential Yield – plots – Mark Doble – 82% of potential 19.4t/ha yield
Highest yield in South West region – Mark Doble - 14.3t/ha

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