Contractor for Smallholding - West Wales

I just hope to save plastic wrap and handling time by making 5'6" round hay bales rather than 4ft wrapped haylage at unnecessary expense and the cost and time for both wrapping and unwrapping later on. I hate wrapped bales with a passion and only make them when I have no other practical choice.
Rather you than me with the small bales and physical handling that goes with them, in this heat.
I'm going to cut another few acres on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning , for pit silage, while my brother bales hay. I just hope it all fits in the pit, usually reserved for third cut, or some of it will have to be baled and wrapped. :meh:
contractor just cut today, in the past he has said we are the last first cut he does, I agree with you about saving on wrap, I think I just got some for £55 a roll (without even thinking of the oil used to make it)

New Fuel Supplier On The Way

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Farmdeals is very pleased to announce that Exswift Limited will soon be joining our digital online platform. Exswift deliver all types of fuel to numerous locations around Essex and further a field. We will keep you updated as to when they go live. powered by The Farming Forum & FutureFarm. #farming #workinghard #inittogether

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