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    Hi All

    Hi to you all

    This is my first ever thread so please be patient with me. I'm a scaffolder and dyslexic and so sorry for me English as well. Before you start reading .

    I am after Your help in finding.Any information.
    I'm trying to find out if there is any one who can tell me how many corrugated roofs there are in the farming industry.
    Or were I can get some idea of the amount.

    Mainly asbestos sheeting .And Sky lights

    Also.. seeking. Your view on.

    If there was an easier way to mend..

    How many would replace damaged sheets and re new the old non working sky lights which already exist in there shed in the farming industry.
    Has any one used the tax relief on corporation tax act 2009 section1143.
    This is relief available on expenditure on remediating asbestos contamination to land fill sites,
    As I understand it ?
    I clean and restore roofs and sky lights and it can give a roof, another 10 years life.
    With the government corporation tax relief, is it something that you could be using with the Option of putting sola on an old roof, giving a greater life to the area of roof which you may be renting for sola.

    Or even looking after an old roof using the tax relief so you can carry on using it for your use.
    I look forward to your replys.
    Kind regards too you all
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  3. My very rough guess is there will be at least 250,000 farm buildings in the U.K. possibly even double that.
    Others will know a lot better but I guess about 6000 a year are being put up .
    After 35 years or in some areas less , asbestos roofs are beginning to look sorry , so you could say one in 40 sheds every year needs attention to the roof.
    However requirements often change before this has chance to happen and often when a roof has given up farmers then decide the shed is also to old or not right for what they want any longer and build a new one instead.
    On top of this there is the repair market for damaged roofs.
    Corrugated steel roofs are about one in ten at my guess.
    All said I am very sure there would be far more than enough of a market to keep you very busy if people knew about you .
    Whether or not it would be a better job than what you are doing , I don't know.
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    any design for timber purlins? I would say a high % of agricultural buildings have wood purlins, I can see how these would be handy for odd sheets from underneath
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    Hay thanks for your reply's.
    There is corporation tax relief available to companies on expenditure on remediating asbestos contamination incurred on or after 11may 2001.
    the rate of relief is 150% its available to companies, weather trading or acting as landlords.
    As your accountants the tax relief is from
    Corporation Tax act 2009 section 1143.
    I clean and mend the roof s as well as coat them with a spray on protection which gives another 10year guarantee on the roof material.

    Has any one used the Filon fix safe that David has posted I've never used it .
    But I have replaced lots of sheets corrugated and also plastic .
    If I can help any one please get in contact .
    And once again David thank you for the information.

    David have you got any advise for me on getting everyone to know about a roofing mending company is out there for Farmers ect.
  6. tanker

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    Cracking idea those 'Fixsafes' many things you wonder why someone didn't come up with them a long time ago..
  7. Scaffolder

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    Hi Yep I just brought some and they arrived to day got it in to try.
    Have you used them ?
  8. tanker

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    No,just watched the vid..let us know how you get on..

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