Cost of digging a lagoon and covering

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    can anyone give a rough estimate of costs to dig a 8000 cube lagoon? Currently an arable field, do all the digging, line it and put proper floating covers on. Access off road for arctics. Stirrer needed on a concrete pad and proper fence all round. Anyone done similar to give very rough figures
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    One or two lined lagoons have had the lining float up. this greatly reduces the capacity.
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    south norfolk
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    Speak to Lionell at whitnell plant hire Colchester
  5. Not a lot of change from 150K
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    I priced a lagoon last year, ended up going for an above ground store although it’s about half the size of your planned lagoon, when I compared like for like the above ground store was better value and a safer option for me as I’m on the water table.
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    We dug a million gallon lagoon last year. Had a 20 ton slew and a dozer for 3 weeks. Lined but no floating cover and with a 2 meter high fence, gates for stirring, pipes and all other bits and bobs came to just under 50k and to put a floating cover we were quoted an extra 20k not including under cover stirrer
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    Thanks for this. These are the sort of numbers I was thinking although it is 10 years since we dug a hole this big.
    Should have mentioned it is for commercial waste rather than slurry etc so gotta be a proper job!
    Let’s see what the planners say!
  9. If the lagoon is for waste then you should be getting a decent gate fee to receive it.
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    Brochure with some example prices

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  11. If it's going to be commercial liquid waste you'll need a permit as well.
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