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  1. goldenhoof

    goldenhoof Member

    Cows and calves coughing on some old leys , lung worm?

    Is it best to take a dung sample and have it tested?

    Never treated my cows before at this time of year but we are stocked a bit tighter this year.

    Thanks for any advice.
  2. topground

    topground Member

    North Somerset.
    Same here, first tme in many years that lungworm has been a problem, I dont normally worm cows but not ths year, something to do with the weather perhaps?
  3. Northeastfarmer

    I'd say lungworms....Never known my cows and calves coughing as much as this year either...they were all clean as pins but I wormed them last week and it's all stopped now....must be a bad year for it
  4. Bob the beef

    Bob the beef Member

    Definitely lung worm. 3 weeks ago had a20 month old homebred bulling hfr drop dead for no apparent reason. Vet opened her up and lungs were a horrible colour. Cut the lungs open and they were absolutely alive with lung worm. The wind pipe was the same covered in blood clots where they were burying into the wall. Inside of Her wind pipe was almost down to the size of a piece of baler twine. Was showing no sign of any problem prior to that. Dosed all the adult cattle next day, and they are fine, but looks like the calves are going to need done now as they are starting to cough.
    Vet did some research and apparently long dry spell in spring followed by wet mild summer is perfect breeding conditions for lung worm
  5. crofteress

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    lung worm, just worm them. why wait for samples coming back etc , if you dose them they will stop coughing
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  6. milkloss

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    East Sussex
    Yes, get it done.
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  7. goldenhoof

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    Many thanks
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  8. Northeastfarmer

    What did you worm them with?
  9. goldenhoof

    goldenhoof Member

    Ivermectin, Did question it but under vet advice. Will have to change wormer type next year.
  10. Northeastfarmer

    That's the best type
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