Could of been nasty


Crosshaft snapped on my ED kverneland plough good job it was in the field and not the road any where do used kv bits or is it a new one I get


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If you get a used one, how do you know it wont be near to doing the same as yours has just done.
Probably buy new as you said it could have been nasty! You've got away with it lightly once, but probably wont be so lucky next time.

I'm with @Rookie on this. If you're going to be using the plough for a few years more then buy a new part. If it's failed once then it will probably fail again after a similar number of flexing 'cycles'. Buy used and you're buying something with a degree of metal fatigue already. Buy new and you reset the metal fatigue clock back to zero, and you should also benefit from improvements in manufacture and design, as KV will have picked up on previous failures of this part from other users.
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The other possibility is they don't put as much effort into the replacement parts as the stuff that matters, their latest and greatest. See it all the time that the new stuff doesn't have the quality the original had.

No idea on Kverneland, just talking in general about new parts vs original. Not hard to check that spot for cracks if you buy a used one, clean it up, spray some diesel on, wipe off, see if dust sticks to any wet cracks.


We had the same thing on anES 95 4 furrow after only a few months. If you can go to a cat 3, our plough then did another 20 or so years most of which with a pacomat and no problems.


Had this happen on my LD, four furrow.
I bought the cat 3 version, it was a little wider but not by much, and wasn't a problem afterwards.
Dealer has a one in stock at another depot cat 2 £290 a cat 3 is 15mm wider so would mean changing mounting brackets so this one should be with me by dinner time

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