Countryside Alliance 2021 Rural Crime Survey

Have you been affected by rural crime? Be part of the solution and take part in the Countryside Alliance Rural Crime Survey 2021:

Have you been affected by rural crime? Share your experiences in our annual rural crime survey​

07 Oct 2021 by Countryside Alliance

Crime continues to be a key issue throughout the countryside but the extent of it is only part of the problem. For many people in rural areas, whether they have fallen victim to crime or not, the fear of crime alone can have a damaging effect on their mental health.
Last year we asked our members and supporters to take part in our annual rural crime survey. With the insight you provided, we could share your experiences and rural policing priorities with Police and Crime Commissioners, the police, and other authorities in order for them to understand the needs, concerns and priorities of rural communities.
We received over 8,000 responses, giving us a valuable insight into the thoughts and feelings of those who live and work in the countryside. 47% of the 8,000+ who responded to our 2020 Rural Crime Survey thought that the police in their area didn’t take rural crime seriously and 38% said that they have had a crime committed against them in the last 12 months - with one in four of those not being reported to the Police. We want to see how those attitudes and feelings have changed in the past year.

We want to hear about your experiences of rural crime and policing in your area.

Tell us about any crimes that have been committed against you, including ones that were not reported to the Police. How did being a victim of crime make you feel? Did the Police respond appropriately?
We are again seeking the views of those who live, work or regularly visit rural areas in England, Scotland and Wales, with a view to highlighting the true level of rural crime. You can take part in our rural crime survey here.
We will use the results to let your Police and Crime Commissioner know the issues that matter to you and will present our findings to government so that they understand rural crime better.
This survey should only take 10 minutes, and your responses are anonymous. The survey will close on Monday 8th November 2021.

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