Cover crops and glyphosate


Arable Farmer

Im a beginner in covercropping and conservation ag, and i wonder if anyone have any thoughts/experiments on running glyphosate in the spring vs the ordinary fall application? I know there will be less time (we have quite a short season in Norway), but other then that - blackgrass control etc?


North yorkshire
I have rolled a heavy cover crop when the ground is frozen, which kills many plants and opens the cover up for glyphosate later.
I guess the problem in Norway will be to much snow cover.


Arable Farmer
Yea, could be a problem to roll in the winter, but how do you feel weed control of glyphosate is in spring vs. fall? Here, normally its applied after harvest before ploughing or if the soil is left undisturbed, and then direct drill or some sort of tillage in the spring before drilling. Not many people here do glyphosate in the spring :O
So you leave the ground bare all winter after ploughing
loss of nitrogen comes to mind

hard winter could do the weed control the glyphosate pre or post drilling assuming your drill will cope with the trash
to us notill means not ploughing

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