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Discussion in 'Buildings & Infrastructure' started by its.... only me, Nov 27, 2016.

  1. its.... only me

    sh!t creek
    Looking at these as a quick fix to cover a bay on a Dutch barn to help prevent wind and rain getting in. Any body using these , any thoughts, and experiences? Do the stop rain getting in, or help. Easy to fit, or a waste of money, how do they compare to Gale Breaker equipment ?
  2. tr250

    tr250 Member

    Can't really help on the gale breakers but they did the marquee for our wedding and did a really good job and his brother is putting a shed up for us at the moment
  3. aled1590

    aled1590 Member

    We have a few bays with covertec, does slow the rain down, doesn't stop it completely. Easy to install
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  4. Covertec Structures

    Covertec Structures New Member

    Did you manage to get sorted out with Windbreaks?
  5. ridger

    ridger Member

    I could do with 5 of them 4.8 meters by 2 meters
  6. its.... only me

    sh!t creek
    Yes Thankyou, YOUR delivery firm Tuffnells delivered it yesterday.
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