Cow bolus

I'm not in sucklers long but I have used Mayo's Allguard bolus. They're easy enough to give and I've found their sheep products good previously. First year I used them on three heifers, all three held to first service and calved no problem. I'm big in beef now with 15 cows but pens have been out of action so no update for this year!


We use these.


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Co Down
I use the Agrimin Hi Iodine All-trace. Administer a few months before calving. Covers calving and going back in calf. Less retained cleansing - still get the odd one and almost every calf has a great suck reflex. No idea if its bolus related but im not changing what works.

Active Component Daily Supply over 180 days from 2 boluses
Copper 177.5 mg
Cobalt 2.5 mg
Selenium 2.7 mg
Manganese 90.2 mg
Zinc 150.5 mg
Iodine 18.9 mg
Vitamin A 5,954.0 i.u.
Vitamin D3 1190.0 i.u.
Vitamin E 11.9 i.u.

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JCB has launched new Fastrac 4000 and 8000 Series tractors with an all-new electronics infrastructure which is claimed to deliver higher levels of performance. According to JCB, the new Fastrac iCon operator environment has three key features: iConfigure – creating a bespoke control experience for every operator iConnect – integrating advanced precision agriculture technology iControl – redefining operation through new driveline software The 175hp to 348hp (133kW to 260kW) Fastracs feature the new iCon armrest console and touch-screen display to provide flexibility in operator allocation and operator information, as well as a new transmission control strategy to enhance operator comfort and powertrain efficiency, says the manufacturer...