Crovect is it effective?


It's very effective at giving me a bloody headache. Don't apply it stood in the race wearing shorts...
Dad was spraying ectofly about a few weeks ago, made me feel rough for a couple of days

I used crovect a few weeks ago, and had three struck lambs 48 hrs after, but touch wood, nothing since. I used the proper method and the spray gun.


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Did all our lambs with it ten days ago, had them in again a week later and one had had maggots between but not many so it must have been struck just after application and it stopped them getting hold properly.


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Crovect is fine for short withdrawal and shorter cover but it's cheaper and better to apply Clik once than Crovect twice. Unless ticks or lice are a problem obviously.
we were looking for something for fly strike with a short withdrawal, we'll have a good few ready to go at weaning in a couple of weeks time. We really should have done them with clik long ago but it didn't happen, I noticed a lamb struck on Sunday so action needed to be taken. My father returned from the vets with crovect, this led to the question since we'd never used it before.
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Carbon Week - 1 to 5 March.

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Carbon Week

Carbon Week is a series of AHDB events, taking place from 1 to 5 March.
The webinars and panel discussions will feature a range of speakers and are for farmers and growers interested in understanding more about the carbon cycle, carbon auditing, reducing emissions and the opportunities around this.
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